Chat Box
PS4 xAx Chicago_630 6:44 PM
Where the xAx NA WEST 2 actives at
PS4 sirBallard 6:35 PM
yay welcome and null thats why u are a beaut
PC Woo 6:34 PM
thanks man
xAx Denullify 6:34 PM
I did it your set now welcome to the clan
PC Woo 6:32 PM
wait im on pc how do i change it
PC Woo 6:32 PM
hold on
PC Woo 6:32 PM
i applied not too long ago it shoulda set
PC Woo 6:32 PM
PS4 sirBallard 6:31 PM
woo shows you are still a guest
xAx Denullify 6:29 PM
If u have your tags set I can approve ya
PS4 sirBallard 6:28 PM
have u completed the application process to join the clan?
PS4 sirBallard 6:26 PM
ok are your clan tsgs set? if so what does it say?
PC Woo 6:24 PM
im not sure, i just joined the clan
PS4 sirBallard 6:23 PM
@woo what div?
PS4 sirBallard 6:15 PM
http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/80525/1 join these two events amd join this back to back gambit funhttp://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/80526/1
PS4 sirBallard 6:14 PM
woo what division are u in?
PC Woo 6:00 PM
How do you join the discord?
PS4 Idan709 18th Oct
anyone for forest?
PS4 IshBoii22 17th Oct
im down for forest
PS4 Idan709 17th Oct
anyone for forest?
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