Chat Box
PS4 Sleeman_ 2:11 AM
ANyone for trials or nf
PS4 Sleeman_ 1:06 AM
PS4 Sleeman_ 1:03 AM
Lfg-trials or nf
PS4 Nateboss101 10:51 PM
im still here
PS4 Nateboss101 10:51 PM
XB1 Gambit XSE 10:29 PM
whattup matt
XB1 Gambit XSE 10:29 PM
PS4 efexay 9:58 PM
I'll do arms dealer
PS4 efexay 9:55 PM
Nightfall or Trials anyone?
PS4 Scobro-32 9:02 PM
Chavesq yeah. Lets get one more.
PS4 Chavesq 9:00 PM
@scobro-32 .. still looking for someone for arms dealer? if so send an invite. I need to get it done as well.
PS4 Scobro-32 8:51 PM
Anyoe else need arms dealer quest let me know. I do too. Finally going to try and get this done
PS4 Lord_Kratos_x 7:11 PM
Hey Capt, I'm down for Raid. Send me a friend request.
PS4 SteelAngels88 6:10 PM
PS4 Captsteve80 6:07 PM
Looking for 2 for raid final boss
PS4 GuttaGame 6:03 PM
anyone wanna pvp need 1
PS4 SteelAngels88 5:34 PM
Who wants to NF?
PS4 SteelAngels88 5:32 PM
Need 1 for NFs now
PS4 Ass1nat0r 4:57 PM
I joined if anyone wants out
PS4 kal_az6 4:52 PM
dew it
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