Chat Box
PS4 Kausali 9:37 PM
Anyone down for a NF?
PS4 Kausali 8:42 PM
FR sent
PS4 Kausali 8:41 PM
PS4 CyHawk70 8:41 PM
ok, let me switch to my titan
PS4 Kausali 8:37 PM
if ya still want join on me CyHawk70?
PS4 Kausali 8:35 PM
i'm doing NF's if any want to get them done
PS4 CyHawk70 8:13 PM
Anybody doing nightfall? Trying to get my helmet ornament
PS4 Dark-KNIGHT9767 7:56 PM
need 4 for for training raid lair in 1 hour http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/71279/1 @here
PS4 Kausali 7:55 PM
nice, join on me, fr sent
PS4 Malachai222 7:54 PM
cool, will be on in a minute
PS4 Kausali 7:52 PM
yep if you guys are able
PS4 DarthTavidon 7:41 PM
im down for nf as well if you need a 3rd
PS4 Malachai222 7:30 PM
Kausali, are you still looking for nf? I'd like to run one more for my warlock if you still need one
PS4 Kausali 7:08 PM
If anyone wants to do a NF or two about an hour from now i'd love to get that for my new gear look )
PS4 Urez_08 6:15 PM
Of course Rusty. I’ll teach anyone. Sign up for events or jump in my stream or message me. I’m happy to be back in
PS4 Penehoff 6:04 PM
welcome back urez
PS4 Urez_08 6:00 PM
I’m willing to help you all. Via the clan events or pop in my stream or message me and I’m down to play with anyone
xAx Rusty_rie 5:38 PM
teach me the way EZ
PS4 KittenWars666 5:38 PM
Welcome back ez!
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