Chat Box
PS4 Stern-Black 3:12 AM
Space for some IB starting now
PS4 ih8allofyou355 3:06 AM
Can anyone help me out i havent been active in forever and just started playing destiny again i was wondering if i could be invited back to the clan ?
PS4 spade05 11:46 PM
anyone for ib?
PS4 TheRealUzi 10:31 PM
Shogun peace said he'd be interested if you still have room
PS4 shogun6x 10:19 PM
room for 1 more for IB event starting in 10 min
PS4 mtlhed2 8:04 PM
Looking for a 3rd to help me get a whisper, need someone familiar witht he jumping puzzle'
PS4 Shadowchaser72 7:05 PM
Anyone around for an ascendant challenge
PS4 athenas_wrath1 21st Sep
escilation protocal is so easy now
PS4 Shadowchaser72 21st Sep
anyone game for an asendent challenge?
keylime314 21st Sep
we were looking under wrong name i'm good to go
keylime314 21st Sep
My clan division and I figured it out. My XAX account is Critzical and my xbox tag is keylime314
PS4 RedGrange123 21st Sep
@shogun. Sorry guess I not refresh my page to see you already were on it
keylime314 21st Sep
Thnx guys
PS4 RedGrange123 21st Sep
@critical. Let me get an ambassador on line to check where your app is
PS4 shogun6x 21st Sep
i will send a shout out to an ambassabor for you one sec
keylime314 21st Sep
I still haven't received an update on my application but xAx east has added me who can i talk to?
PS4 spade05 21st Sep
whats up tchpe how you doing
PS4 Tchpe 21st Sep
It’s sooooo quiet.
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