Chat Box
PS4 DRPT 10:20 PM
Anyone for some fortnite in about 15 minutes.
PS4 Kausali 10:15 PM
sounds good
PS4 Kausali 10:15 PM
cool, switching to my hunter
PS4 pandman1020 10:15 PM
they should be ready in 15
PS4 pandman1020 10:15 PM
yeah I still do I got another guy from the Texas division that's willing to help too
PS4 Kausali 10:13 PM
i'll go pandman if ya still need
PS4 zyberus316 10:07 PM
PS4 pandman1020 10:06 PM
need 2 for a nf run to get ornament
PS4 KittenWars666 9:59 PM
Need one for raid lair in an hour. http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/71366/1
PS4 Kausali 9:37 PM
Anyone down for a NF?
PS4 Kausali 8:42 PM
FR sent
PS4 Kausali 8:41 PM
PS4 CyHawk70 8:41 PM
ok, let me switch to my titan
PS4 Kausali 8:37 PM
if ya still want join on me CyHawk70?
PS4 Kausali 8:35 PM
i'm doing NF's if any want to get them done
PS4 CyHawk70 8:13 PM
Anybody doing nightfall? Trying to get my helmet ornament
PS4 Dark-KNIGHT9767 7:56 PM
need 4 for for training raid lair in 1 hour http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/71279/1 @here
PS4 Kausali 7:55 PM
nice, join on me, fr sent
PS4 Malachai222 7:54 PM
cool, will be on in a minute
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There are multiple PS4 divisions, separated by regions. The reason we do this is Bungie only allows a maximum number of 100 people per clan tag, so we need to split our membership according to geographic location. It also allows us to better keep track of membership numbers in each region and scale our administrators accordingly. Don't worry, you can play with any members of the clan from any division!

Setting your in-game Clan Tags:

Pick your region from the list below, this will take you to a listing of the appropriate Bungie page for each division. Once you have reached the appropriate division page on, you need to perform the following:
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Once registered, you will have Guest access to the website. To have full Member access, complete the following Application Form, it's fairly self explanatory. Full members will have complete access to the website, including our all important event calendar, where you will be able to sign up for clan events.

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Please note that your Clan Tags must be set, and that your profile must be set to Public so that we can verify that your Clan Tags are set. Expect to hear from us within 24 hours!

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