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PS4 Just_sum_1 12:46 AM
Can someone send me a discord invite please
PS4 FSUownsUM 8:52 PM
PS4 Magneticmuff1n 8:50 PM
xAx Xilgorn 25th Mar
Welcome back
PS4 transformersyo 25th Mar
thanks a ton
xAx Xilgorn 25th Mar
@transformersyo, you're good to go. Login once every 29 days and you will be fine.
PS4 transformersyo 25th Mar
I was gone for a while and my account was changed to a guest account, does anyone know how I regain full membership?
PS4 athenas_wrath1 25th Mar
I love seeing 3 nova bomb warlocks...
PS4 kristophmarauder 25th Mar
I usually drop out if I don’t see a well of radiance warlock.
PS4 athenas_wrath1 24th Mar
god tier 3 reckoning is a nightmare with randoms
xAx Xilgorn 24th Mar
@Just_Sum do you have access to the clan Discord channel?
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 24th Mar
We still rolling however all of our clan chat happens through discord for the most part
PS4 Just_sum_1 24th Mar
Are we still rolling or did we die?
PS4 odins_beard24 23rd Mar
anyone up for a few gambit matches? (prime or regular) trying to win and get malfeasence
PS4 Scobro-32 23rd Mar
2 pvp events up tomorrow morning 10 am and 11am central
XB1 Cankle J 22nd Mar
Well that didnt work. ...
XB1 Cankle J 22nd Mar
PS4 Nauta666 22nd Mar
PS4 XStaticShotX 22nd Mar
Hi all
PS4 AyoTK 21st Mar
Need 3 for LW now
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A new Admin and his Flying Robot
XB1 TPaz117 9 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Feb 2018
That new admin is Johnny Sokko himself. 

Johnny Sokko joined xAx back in October and has been been a blast to play with. He knows how to shoot stuff and not die and is a welcome addition to any raid group. Now as admin he’s going to be leading, and he has my full confidence. Johnny jumped at the chance to become an admin when offered, and he can’t wait to get started. So please give a big xAx welcome to Johnny Sokko, our newest Admin.

1st Mar 2018 XB1 B R O Z A Y 27x
Congrats fam, well deserved!
27th Feb 2018 PS4 Ass1nat0r
congrats bro welcome to the dark side!!
27th Feb 2018 XB1 Johnny Sokko
Thanks everyone!
27th Feb 2018 PS4 PhantomCortex
26th Feb 2018 PS4 Dparks3
26th Feb 2018 XB1 TheThunderBolt5
Congrats dude!
26th Feb 2018 oOZebedeeOo
Over to you sir.....
26th Feb 2018 Penehoff
woohooo congrats
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26th Feb 2018 XB1 ThatOneJedi
Welcome comrade!
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