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XB1 KSI Devil Cat 7 3:08 AM
Shotgun. Message randoms see they wanna do it. Then inv ur peeps
PS4 Dexprozius 2:29 AM
hey guys, got an IB up in 1.5 hours, join up and lets Pew Pew http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/76845/1
PS4 wheels68x 12:00 AM
I have two spots open for some IB
PS4 oOZebedeeOo 11:35 PM
PS4 shogun6x 11:34 PM
awesome. ok thanks we just got it!!
PS4 oOZebedeeOo 11:34 PM
@shogun6x it takes time best to have single players looking for anchors or your anchors be living close to each other and match make to many in at same time can block the server
PS4 shogun6x 11:31 PM
we can get 6 but the 3 rd party is impossible
PS4 shogun6x 11:29 PM
any tips on getting 9 into EP?
PS4 Nocturnal01 11:15 PM
I'm on the second part of the Nascent Dawn quest where I need to complete a Heroic Adventure, can someone lend me a hand?
PS4 Tangotaskforce 10:40 PM
Anyone doin spire??
PS4 NevrEnof652524 10:01 PM
Ok. Maybe next time
PS4 wheels68x 10:01 PM
Not tonight nevr
PS4 NevrEnof652524 10:00 PM
PS4 wheels68x 9:57 PM
Need one for a EoW starting now
PS4 KivaRyder 9:23 PM
I am I still need 3 lol
I believe Kiva was looking for people @Tango
PS4 Tangotaskforce 9:15 PM
Looking for group for spire have checkpoint for final phase
PS4 KivaRyder 9:04 PM
need 3 for phase 2 spire boss
PS4 PittsburghFire 8:37 PM
i still need 2 nf if anyone is doing them
PS4 strato_chief62 7:27 PM
anyone still need to do NF milestones? I still need to do mine
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A new Admin and his Flying Robot
xAx TPaz117 9 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Feb
That new admin is Johnny Sokko himself. 

Johnny Sokko joined xAx back in October and has been been a blast to play with. He knows how to shoot stuff and not die and is a welcome addition to any raid group. Now as admin he’s going to be leading, and he has my full confidence. Johnny jumped at the chance to become an admin when offered, and he can’t wait to get started. So please give a big xAx welcome to Johnny Sokko, our newest Admin.

1st Mar XB1 B R O Z A Y 27x
Congrats fam, well deserved!
27th Feb PS4 Ass1nat0r
congrats bro welcome to the dark side!!
27th Feb XB1 Johnny Sokko
Thanks everyone!
27th Feb PS4 PhantomCortex
26th Feb PS4 Dparks3
26th Feb XB1 TheThunderBolt5
Congrats dude!
26th Feb PS4 oOZebedeeOo
Over to you sir.....
26th Feb Penehoff
woohooo congrats
Like (1) · Comments (0)
26th Feb XB1 ThatOneJedi
Welcome comrade!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
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