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FortNite Recruitment Contest
GENERAL_ZOD_O10 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jan 2018
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians, 

With the announcement of xAx expanding into a multi gaming community, we have decided this would be the perfect opportunity to inject some new faces within the community to help create new friendships and continue to keep our community as active as can be! So xAllegiancex will officially be running a FortNite Recruitment contest Starting Today January 29th and Ending Monday February 12thth

How does it work to get credit for the recruitment contest?

Simple really. Everytime someone submits a recruitment application within xAllegiancex there is a section of that recruitment application that states "who recruited you?" if the individual puts your name in this section of the application and they are accepted into the community you will get a +1 for the contest. the top 3 individuals by the end of the contest will get the payouts that will be listed below.

As i stated above make sure your recruits state your name in the recruitment application! If they do not it will simply be counted as a "House Recruit" 

Where to Recruit?

- FortNite BR Forums
- Reddit
- In Game. Play some games with other gamers via matchmaking. Invite them to the party. Let them know what we are about and have them sign up.

You can also get creative and find other areas to recruit.

How do i Win This thing?

BE PROACTIVE. Posting one or two recruitment posts per week just won't do it you need to be extremely proactive during this contest. NOT EVERYONE WILL PUT YOUR NAME DOWN regardless of how persistent you might be with telling them that they will. The More activity and time you put into this contest the better opportunity you have to win it all. 


1st Place: $50

2nd Place: $25

3rd Place: $25

( TOO QUALIFY FOR PRIZE WINNINGS YOU MUST OBTAIN AT LEAST 10 RECRUITS DURING THE CONTEST. Prize money will be donated back into the xAx bank if there are no winners that qualify. )

To Keep Track of where you stand in the contest you can go http://www.xallegiancex.c ... -contest-tracker-gea

Please Note: Everyone in the community is welcome to participate. Only FortNite recruits will count towards the tally mark.

Good luck to everyone involved!!

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