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A Year in Review and 2018 xAx Vision
xAx StevieBizzle 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Jan 2018
Hello fellow xAx Guardians! 

2017 has come and gone and another successful year has currently ended for xAllegiancex. We accomplished so many things this year by really establishing ourselves as the premier Destiny community for PS4 and a continued grind to get there on the Xbox side. From going to GuardianCon and getting our name in front of DeeJ and Cozmo along with better understanding the Destiny Gaming community and working towards initiatives to better ourselves as well as personally putting names to face in real life. What have I learned in 2017? We have an incredible team from top to bottom. The individuals within this community are really special and its been incredible to see that a 3 year old community still holds strong and is tighter than ever and from a process perspective we are the cleanest we have ever been. To everyone with in the Community i say thank you. Thank you for a successful 2017 and thank you for making xAllegiancex one of the most active and longest tenured successful communities out there. 

So Lets Talk about 2018 Shall we! 

What is xAx's vision in 2018. With 2017 in the books I've been monitoring the health state of what the destiny community is OVERALL. to say its been wavy and has gotten its share of lumps and bruises is an understatement and for the most part this has been self inflicted by how the game was released. I'm very hopeful with the recent news of some really exciting things coming to Destiny and i think it can really help the continuance and regaining some trust for the individuals that have been soured by a lot of the changes from Destiny HOWEVER what this whole process did was open not only my eyes to a vulnerability that this community has but also to the eyes of our leadership team. 

With that being said my vision for 2018 xAllegiancex is to transfer from a Destiny exclusive community to a Multiplatform, Multi Gaming community. I no longer want xAllegiancex to be considered a Destiny Community but a Gaming community the appeases to the largest gaming environments currently out there. This is the direction 2018 will take us and the exciting part is that xAx members will not have to feel barred to still play destiny to get the most out of xAllegiancex, but instead be able to expand their horizons in gaming and try other things while enjoying what makes xAllegiancex great, and thats the people within this community and playing with each other

In order to successfully implement us becoming a Gaming Community with multi faceted games to play in and having the same processes that have made us successful into Destiny and translate them into other games i had to first create a new rank that was on the same ball field of a director of ops. Someone whose primary focus was to expand xAx into new games and build these new expanded games from the ground up. So xAx has decided to implement a new leadership rank with will be an xAx Chief Growth Officer. This individual will lead the entire process of everything expanded games related and will work together with myself and the Director of Operations to come up with strategies, processes, and implementation features of each game that provide stabilized growth with tools and resources for individuals to experience the best parts of each game while having the appropriate access to events for all time zones. 

So who should take on this exciting new role? Well i had to really find someone who had a deep knowledge of our processes and structure of what made us successful on the Destiny side of xAllegiancex. Someone who had experience and success in all layers of the community from Admin, To Ambassador, to Director of Operations. I could only think of one person. GENERAL_ZOD_O10 himself. I reached out to Zod when my vision took shape and obviously the only question really was health. Is he ready physically to get back on the saddle. I'm happy to say that he was and Zod is doing a great job with his health and mentally is extremely excited for this awesome opporunity. so i'm happy to announce General_Zod will be the newest part of the leadership team and this new role once again. He will be releasing a game plan very shortly on what to expect when it comes to expanding xAllegiancex overall with the first official game that we will be expanding into which is fortnite.

Other things to expect from xAx in 2018?

- New Website (Release Date Early 2018)
- Fortnite Expansion
- Return of Tournaments
- Twitch Initiative and Social Media Integration
- Potential Looking into E3 Trip and or other gaming convention trips 
- xAllegiancex Live Regional Get Togethers

I'm excited for the future as all of you should be and can't wait to see how we continue to expand, evolve and grow. 

Loyalty is Everything,


19th Jan 2018 Lxsmokinjoelx
Congrats zod ! Welcome back brotha! Good luck on the new roll.
19th Jan 2018 PS4 Jacob18797
Zod's new colour is FABULOUS. I'm jealous. Glad to have you back in the ranks mate.
18th Jan 2018 PS4 dnbluprints
Gratz Zod! Great to see this community still running strong and expanding.
17th Jan 2018 Ass1nat0r
Welcome back zod. I look forward to meeting and playing with you. Hopefully we can get division as another of our games to expand into
17th Jan 2018 XB1 ThatOneJedi
Welcome back Zod!!!!
17th Jan 2018 Penehoff
welcome back zod , glad I decided to come back at a good time
17th Jan 2018 PS4 Duckyourmomma
Love the news, welcome back Zod
17th Jan 2018 PS4 rabbi10
It's awesome that Zod's back!

So, may I ask: does this mean that admins might be able to post events for other games? For instance, Division incursions, or the like?
Like (0) · Comments (3)
17th Jan 2018 DevMacK13
Oh man, this is all the sexy
17th Jan 2018 blunt_rida
Welcome back Zod - glad to hear you are doing well broham!! Does this mean you and I can actually run an event together one day :) :)
17th Jan 2018 PS4 BlueGinTonic
Yay!!! Welcome back Zod!!! We love and missed ya brother!!!
17th Jan 2018 PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
AWESOME!!!!!! Welcome back General_ZOD_010 Glad to have you back and healthy.
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