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NA East picks up a Mack and a NAt0r
boijay88 10 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Jan 2018
NA East would like to welcome back an old face to the ranks and a new face as well:
Dev_Mack is returning, and bringing along a friend Ass1nat0r!!! Dev is returning after a while on the stream team
and is excited to be back. Nat0r is fairly new to the clan but has shown excellent leadership skills in both pvp and pve game modes. I am glad to have dev back on the green team and can't wait to see what Nat0r is going to bring, be sure to join there events as im sure they will have lots of them on the calendar!!!

17th Jan 2018 XB1 Phoenix Audubon
Dat Ass, tho...
LOL, but seriously, welcome!
16th Jan 2018 Karyu0219
Oh jeez, who let mack back in here and I already have enough of the weird '1'-instead-of-'i' family...
16th Jan 2018 St1cky_Nuts__
congrats to my big brother, and Welcome back Dev!!
16th Jan 2018 PS4 RedGrange123
Good to have you back Dev and congrats on going green Nator
16th Jan 2018 PS4 shadomatic
Congrats guys
16th Jan 2018 Scobro32
15th Jan 2018 toku_zero
Congrats guys...
15th Jan 2018 Ass1nat0r
Glad to be green. Raid city central comin up
15th Jan 2018 PS4 tlelam2497
Welcome back Mack and welcome Ass1nat0r. I've already enjoyed running with you.
15th Jan 2018 Penehoff
welcome back dev and congrats ass on the promotion
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