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xAx Rusty_rie 9:57 PM
ive found your app, im PM'ing you
xAx Rusty_rie 9:54 PM
@Huakai_po - click on the division icon in the bage (middle) and fill out the application. It may ask you for your Bungie profile link, just put a comment that you are wanting to join Division clan. Also put in what location you live in, we will be able to direct you to the correct xax division clan
PS4 Huakai_po 9:44 PM
Thanks for the add how do i join divison
PS4 Huakai_po 9:43 PM
XB1 AnkouDenemo 15th Apr
Just a heads up, my gamer tag on xb1 is changing to AnkouDenemo
PS4 Tdog617617 14th Apr
xAx Tchpe 14th Apr
Gambit events starting in 1.5 hours. Join up!
PS4 Bannana-man-4000 13th Apr
Thanks @tchpe
XB1 DUCKyourMOMMA 12th Apr
Lol thx @xil feels good to be back even if its on the darkside lol
xAx Xilgorn 12th Apr
even though it on the XB side
xAx Xilgorn 12th Apr
@duck Done, welcome back
XB1 DUCKyourMOMMA 12th Apr
Can anyone set me up
xAx Xilgorn 12th Apr
@vandal I just sent you a PM
PS4 Stern-Black 12th Apr
OK I'm Aussie but I'll see what I can do about getting the correct link
PS4 Vandal_Savage86 12th Apr
PS4 Stern-Black 12th Apr
Where are you based Vandal?
PS4 Vandal_Savage86 12th Apr
Hey trying to get set up with ps4 clan but keeps bringing up the xbox clan
xAx Tchpe 12th Apr
Jonsey is good to go!
xAx Tchpe 12th Apr
Thanks, Bannana!
PS4 Bannana-man-4000 12th Apr
And sorry for long delay i wrote that and we then went out
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Istinna is Russian for Awesome.
PS4 Karyu0219 9 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Nov 2017
No actually it isn't. It means 'absolute truth' but didn't it just sound way better that way? Anywho, NA West would like to welcome the newest addition to our admin team: istinna! A lot of you will have seen her around streaming or just playing and given how much she helps members, asking her to step on up was a no-brainer! In the times I've played with her she is always a laugh-riot but when its time to get down to business, she can get work done too. Congrats and welcome to the dark side, istinna!

24th Nov 2017 PS4 dbyte32
Congrats Istinna, You're more then welcome to join us in the number one Alligience clan NA Southeast. :-)
21st Nov 2017 ABSUTHERLAND78
Awesomeness! Welcome! Honored to share the ranks with you!
21st Nov 2017 PS4 Suk_r_Punch1
Shiat! "The Russians are coming, the russians are coming!" Congrats Istinna.
20th Nov 2017 shadowxxclone
Nice one istinna... hope green treats you better than magenta :P
19th Nov 2017 PS4 bladedemu41
19th Nov 2017 CoffinCheaterINC
19th Nov 2017 Stickx1307
19th Nov 2017 xAx wheels68x
19th Nov 2017 Scobro32
allright allright allright. Welcome Istinna
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