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He puts the "T" in Dog
PS4 Denullify 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Oct 2017
This next guy has been running circles around the raids since Feb with xax, he is a great guy and a bit of a joker. I have had the pleasure of being in multiple raids with him and he definitely knows what he is doing. He has been so excited in the promotion, that he even asked the be promoted earlier to give you guys more events. So with great pleasure, mr. Tdog617617 hailing from the Northeast division, is our newest admin. Congrats, and get those events up. 

30th Oct 2017 Karyu0219
Welcome man! Grats on the promotion brother!
27th Oct 2017 PS4 RedGrange123
Congrats Tdog
27th Oct 2017 Scobro32
Allright Tdog. Congratulations sir
27th Oct 2017 xAx xSlydrx
Congrats Tdog, those videos are fantastic eh? lol
26th Oct 2017 Stickx1307
26th Oct 2017 DevMacK13
Congrats Tdog!
26th Oct 2017 PS4 Cabal_deep (aka hindle)
Better have that Youtube ready bud! lol :D Congrats!
26th Oct 2017 PS4 Dparks3
26th Oct 2017 Spitbull_23
Mr Video!!!!! LOL Congrats!!! Kzarz_Kar asked him if his ever done a raid and his response was.........."No but i watched a video on it". That entire raid was based on the video.....if something went wrong the video didn't warn us about it....etc etc LOL
25th Oct 2017 xAx CoffinCheaterINC
congratz T
25th Oct 2017 PS4 Nei-1st
Congratulations, Tdog!!!^^
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