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PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
PS4 carlcoolest 14th Mar
ill do thorn strike with you later today
PS4 scottycherie 14th Mar
thorn strike
PS4 DwolfDragon 12th Mar
Anyone needing to do shattered throne before i attempt to solo it?
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The Mad Admin
DeliveredMocha7 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Oct 2017
The first European Xbox admin in a long time please give a big xAx congratulations to ChillMadMan. Keep an eye out for this guy in the crucible, which is his preferred destiny activity. He is looking forward to helping expand the variety of our calendar and improve the clan experience of our Europe based members. Please welcome ChillMadMan!

26th Oct 2017 Stickx1307
24th Oct 2017 xAx CoffinCheaterINC
mad congrats
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24th Oct 2017 XB1 ChillMadMan
Thank you all, i'm glad to be here and to be part of green side :)
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24th Oct 2017 Spitbull_23
Congratulations :)
23rd Oct 2017 Scobro32
Cool deal chillmadman. Congratulations
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