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PS4 hindle666 6:52 AM
PS4 hindle666 6:52 AM
If you're a reserve and someone pulls out you'll get auto-added @DrDye So look out for that invite! and yes always throw the hosting Admin a friends request habe fun!
PS4 DrDye88 6:51 AM
Thank you
PS4 DXAshram 6:50 AM
Pollaris is hosting, you should have added him 30 minutes before the start of the raid
PS4 DrDye88 6:48 AM
I'm looking for, but can't seem to find it... will I get an invite? Who is hosting it?
PS4 Stern-Black 6:45 AM
Does look like someone dropped out and you made the list
PS4 Stern-Black 6:44 AM
DrDye, go to the event either through your profile or the events page and see if you have been moved from reserve to attending
PS4 DrDye88 6:42 AM
How do I find out if I'm still on "reserve" for the raid that starts in 20min?
PS4 boijay88 5:48 AM
Need one more in a little less then a hour http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/68165/1
PS4 DXAshram 5:45 AM
Anyone doing the raid? I have a Calus checkpoint that needs doin'.
PS4 Idan709 2:49 AM
but thanks
PS4 Idan709 2:49 AM
yea but second group is in 1 hour
PS4 sgMaChello 2:42 AM
Idan, there is a nf event with spots open in 15 minuteshttp://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/68184/1
PS4 Idan709 2:37 AM
anyone for anything?
PS4 Idan709 2:33 AM
its ok twisted ty hun
PS4 ssppiissttuull 2:29 AM
PS4 Rusty_rie 2:28 AM
Jono has a nf event on starting in a couple of mins, shoot him a pm
PS4 ssppiissttuull 2:24 AM
nf anyone?
PS4 Twisted__Chick 1:52 AM
i would totally do it idan but im about to fall sorry
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Sept Admin & Region of the Month
xAx mcnulty0816 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Oct
Hey guys,

Want to congratulate some member of the Admin team for their hard work and standout performance during the month of September.

AoTM is CoffinCheaterINC. This isn't coffin's first time as AoTM and during his tenure, he has made a huge impact within the clan and APAC Division. Coffin's a class act and outstanding team lead, so be sure to catch Coffin's events on the calendar. Join up.

Region and Ambassador of the Month: NA Central and bloodmaker420. Let's congratulate blood  and the entire NA Central admin team for an outstanding month. Their effort, dedication to our community and outstanding teamwork has earned them region of the month. 

I appreciate what you guys are doing for xAx and our members. Once again, congratulations Coffin, the NA Central Team and blood on a strong September performance.

- Mac

9th Oct PS4 Peacamaker
Psssh bloodmaker lmao XD but congrats Coffin
7th Oct PS4 enzudesign
congratulations guys
6th Oct PS4 Twisted__Chick
Good job everyone. Congratulations.

Very well deserved
6th Oct bigdaddy3yx
All down to your hard work guys well done!
6th Oct XB1 Stickx1307
good job
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