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xAx Rusty_rie 7:12 AM
The website will revert people back to guest if the are inactive on the site for a period of time. Do you still have your clan tags?
Ali_Gameplay 7:04 AM
Ali_Gameplay 7:04 AM
huh i can check events i got banned or something?
PS4 JyamiJuice 6:18 AM
Hey Cannan, the best way is to join clan events, or request an admin or ambassador if there are no events at the time you need.
XB1 BaronUndrboob 4:41 AM
Hello all. Faction time
PS4 CannanAdam 1:41 AM
Anyone down for a EOW just message me on psn if so
PS4 Pipes155178 1:05 AM
Would mind some help filling a fire-team. PvP in 4hrs... one to make it official or two for a bit more fun http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/72415/1
PS4 KivaRyder 12:01 AM
Need 1 for right now
PS4 KivaRyder 11:48 PM
Still need 1 in 15
PS4 KivaRyder 11:48 PM
ok Cannan
PS4 CannanAdam 11:39 PM
Kiva ok im in
PS4 shadomatic 10:51 PM
lol ayo put his up and took the cake, I won't forget this ayo
PS4 DXAshram 10:49 PM
It's probably because there are a bunch of raids right next to your time slot
PS4 shadomatic 10:48 PM
I'm getting that feeling too
PS4 DXAshram 10:47 PM
Apparently no one loves you, shado
PS4 shadomatic 10:47 PM
need 2 in 15mins
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D2 PvE & PvP Points Structure
xAx mcnulty0816 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Oct 2017
xAx Family,

The leadership team wanted to evaluate the event results before we settled on the point system for D2 game content. Specifically, we wanted to see the changes that 4v4 brought as well as the new Leviathan Raid. Results have been evaluated and as a snapshot

PvP: to earn points in each match you must meet the minimum.

PvE: the Leviathan Raid is worth 2 Points for a full clear. Must meet the minimum.

For full details on our PvP and PvE system, please see the official threads: PvP Points Systemand  PvE Points System

These changes are effective now, October 1. All future events will now follow this points system. Events prior to this date will not be awarded points.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Admin or Ambassador team. Thank guys.

- Mac

3rd Oct 2017 Gutsbit
Ok so that means we should strongly ask anyone wanting to go up in rank in pvp to buddy up or get a fireteam at all times then? so no more solo queue matchs right? shouldn't there be special page so pair up faster with as for member ready for pvp on the spot or do we have to do shout outs since no has spartan as of yet from what I look up on award page. I just running things so maybe easier the better
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