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Website News & Clan Banner
mcnulty0816 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Sep 2017
Hey guys - 

Passing the word to keep you in the loop on the happenings.

Website Info

Bottom Line Upfront - We will not be migrating to the new site prior to D2 launch.

A few reasons drove the decision to delay the new website's launch. 1) The new calendar was not fully functional and as you know the calendar is the focal point for our members 2) Bungie D2 Clans was FUBAR enough with us bouncing members from this Group, to that Division and then this Division to get clan tags back. 3) The new website would require member registration to gain access as mass migration of the member base was not possible.

Added together, this would have distracted from a smooth launch into D2 or been a positive experience for our members. Moving forward, we plan on refining the website requirements/functionality and will set a time for launch where xAx is in the D2 groove and the launch will cause the least amount of disruption for the team and our members. I will let you know the new timeline when its firmed up.

Instead we'll focus on a smooth D2 launch. Even with the dialup speed of iClans...you guys already know how to work around it. Get your grind on, share your D2 feedback and the biggest thing HAVE FUN

Clan Banners

Clan vote on which clan banner xAx will wear for D2. Poll located at:
Clan Banner Poll

We are all looking forward to D2 and at this point, it can't come soon enough. If you have any questions, hmu.

- Mac

2nd Sep 2017 PS4 melanial_88
I have lost my clan tag. I have sent a request to rejoin it but it has not been approved yet. Just wanted to make sure all I needed to do was rejoin.
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