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New D2 Clan Divisions... Again!!!
mcnulty0816 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Aug 2017
Hey guys

Clan divisions have been sorted...again. As you can imagine, this was an unplanned issue resulting from the Bungie D2 clan migration, Bungie clan pages and mobile app changes. Mobile app is broken, so I suggest using the Bungie desktop page instead. 

What happened? Basically, every xAx US based PS4 Division did not transition smoothly from a D1 clan to a D2 clan. Each of these divisions were kept as a group instead. So xAx PS4 Divisions had to be recreated. XBox, EU and AusAPAC did transfer to a D2 clan, however the Division Founders have no administrative tools to allow the setting of Admins, Division Info, etc. The Ambassador Team is aware of these issues, but cannot do anything until Bungie gets it sorted on their end. 

Bottom line -  xAx will need to transition...again...to these new D2 Divisions. Join your respective Division ASAP. See below links:

Affected Divisions

NA East
Gulf Coast /  New York /  Northeast /  Southeast

NA Central
Midwest /  Texas

NA West

Remaining Divisions



XB1 Main /  NA East XB1

We need everyone's’ help here, from Founder to member… let's pass the word. xAx will get set in the new divisions and bounce back from this hiccup. This is what makes the xAx community absolutely amazing and the best community out there...I know we’ll get this done and we’ll do it together.

If you have any questions, ask. Thanks guys.

- Mac

2nd Sep 2017 PS4 melanial_88
So since we lost the clan tag during the transisition we will need to request to rejoin correct?
28th Aug 2017 PS4 bladedemu41
my tags still say WEST...do i need to still go through the motions anyways???
27th Aug 2017 Makriman
Hey, I am kind of a bind atm where I am in need of the clan trophies and also lost my clan tags during the transition period. Do we know when/if Bungie will get this sorted? My best bet at getting the trophies is before D2 is released, and I am thinking that if Bungie is going to spend a lot of time to fix their problems it might as well be a good idea to recreate all the clans?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
26th Aug 2017 PS4 NevrEnof652524
Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how we were going to get this fixed. D2 here we come!
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