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Karyu's Komeback
xAx mcnulty0816 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Aug 2017
Hey guys -

I want to introduce you to a Team Green member who is a pleasure to run with, who possesses great skill and wit... instead, you're getting Karyu0219.

All kidding aside, Karyu is one of the coolest guys you could probably game with. He was a prior Admin, but stepped down when he was separating from the Army and coming back to the land of the big PX.

Karyu is a solid player, crossing between PvE and PvP. I've played with him countless times and I hope you get as much pleasure from reviving him as I do. Its always a good time and worth the laughs.

Congrats and welcome back brother. Look for his events on the calendar guys.

12th Aug 2017 PS4 tider5172
Glad to have u back. Congrats!
12th Aug 2017 atomic_penguin69 (Banned)
Welcome back im sorry you are stuck with mcnulty as ambassador though
12th Aug 2017 Karyu0219
Honestly, thanks to everyone for the support. I'm super excited to get back into it and get to work!
12th Aug 2017 PS4 Dparks3
12th Aug 2017 PS4 Agent_Carter60
Congrats K.
12th Aug 2017 PS4 RedGrange123
Welcome back Big K. Look forward to you leading events again. Hopefully more raids this time...haha
12th Aug 2017 PS4 Cabal_deep (aka hindle)
Who's this bish o_O :D welcome back to the green team my bro!! :D
12th Aug 2017 PS4 Denullify
WHAT??!!!! Karyu is back? So does that mean I get to shoulder charge him off ledges again? It is an absolute pleasure to have you back.
12th Aug 2017 xAx darkgoldenwolf
Welcome back to the green team. Looking forward to running in some of your events.
12th Aug 2017 shadowxxclone
RETURNING ADMIN BUDDIES! hahaha the d2 hype keeps getting bigger!
12th Aug 2017 Karyu0219
Thanks Mac! And you're right suk, hopefully soon brother!
11th Aug 2017 PS4 Suk_r_Punch1
l was wondering where you've gone?? welcome back bud. I'll give you an ole Navy holler Hooyah! sorry man no army spiffs here
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