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PS4 Soaringeagle1419 9:36 AM
Heroic strikes anyone
PS4 Penehoff 8:45 AM
PS4 PROTOdirt 8:18 AM
Good morning
PS4 oOZebedeeOo 4:55 AM
I’m in mate
PS4 Dark-KNIGHT9767 4:21 AM
looking for 3 for my raid in 2 hours http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/70118/1
PS4 kodabug98 2:24 AM
PS4 XDarkXCrossX 2:22 AM
PS4 kodabug98 1:43 AM
ill do nf
PS4 KittenWars666 1:33 AM
Anyone wanna do nf?
PS4 Anuboy268 1:21 AM
PS4 Penehoff 1:21 AM
gives aragorn hes right hand , dont know how much it will help but there ya go
XB1 Aragorn66J 12:45 AM
Anyone one that could lend a hand with the Arms Dealer strike quest step?
PS4 Ghost _15-17 10:23 PM
Need 1 for an EoW run. Not taking it too seriously atm
PS4 strider_48_24 8:57 PM
i in redshirtfailure
PS4 Redshirtfailure 8:27 PM
Need 1 more
PS4 NecroBlabe 8:16 PM
sure red I'll go
PS4 Redshirtfailure 8:07 PM
Have room for 2 in leas than an hour for EoW.
PS4 SLYDER2442 7:48 PM
yes guy, 335
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Keep Dashing
xAx Denullify 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Aug
The next guy I want to introduce as the next admin, is a dashing individual. He has dashed his way to the front by getting to Spartan and turning some heads in pve. He is a great guy and a fun one to game with. He is looking forward to helping out the community and putting some events up for you guys. Dash23 is the next admin out of the newly formed NA Northeast division. Congrats Dash23, and keep dashing on.

10th Aug X15LeConstable
Congratulations Dude!
9th Aug PS4 KC_The_JewFRO
Way to go bud.
7th Aug PS4 CoffinCheaterINC
congrats dash. its about time
7th Aug PS4 Dparks3
7th Aug PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
Congrats Dash Welcome to the green team!!!!!
7th Aug PS4 shogun6x
Hey you still have to join my events man. I know you only took the promotion to get away from me. Congratulations!!!
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