Chat Box
PS4 Grif05 4:18 PM
Yea southeast
PS4 Grif05 4:18 PM
Uhhh southeast I think
PS4 KivaRyder 4:14 PM
which division are you
PS4 Grif05 4:13 PM
Is there a page for setting up our discord?
PS4 Grif05 4:13 PM
Im not sure about tonight, unfortunately.
PS4 KivaRyder 4:13 PM
@grif05 oh no we don't have to chat via Discord but we do text on discord and post stuff ini general chats on there when people are looking for groups
PS4 KivaRyder 4:12 PM
i am running an SOS now but if you want to run some PvP later I could set up an IB event for you
PS4 Grif05 4:12 PM
Oh I thought you meant use Discord for voice chat. I misunderstood
PS4 KivaRyder 4:12 PM
You honestly wouldnt need to disconnect your Astros as we would still run the ps4 chat for the events
PS4 KivaRyder 4:11 PM
@Grif05 it would be easier to find people and events if you check the site for events, i think we have really moved away fro chatting in the Destiny app
PS4 Grif05 4:09 PM
The destiny app. Ill be honest Ive yet to figure out the discord setup. I avoid using my laptop if I can due to the fact I have astros and theyre a bit of a setup to remove from the ps4 to the laptop
PS4 KivaRyder 4:07 PM
please use the request thread or even post in here to see if there is anyone running especially during IB week
PS4 KivaRyder 4:06 PM
if you guys do not see PvP events during the times you wants to play or they are full
PS4 KivaRyder 4:06 PM
@Grif05 were you using the destiny app or discord and there were some IB event on the calendar
PS4 Grif05 4:01 PM
I like how people were talking about playing PVP. I was looking for some IB all weekend from the app and got nothing
PS4 AndyTron 3:15 PM
Hope I can get in Kiva. I’m standing by in reserve
PS4 Ghost-12x 2:00 PM
Why can’t you help if it’s not an event? Why would it have to be an event?
PS4 KivaRyder 1:58 PM
not an event just an impromptu run
PS4 Ass1nat0r 1:52 PM
I can help kiva if its an event
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The Jerry Springer of xAx
xAx Denullify 8 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Aug 2017
This individual made quite a show at guardian con, ask around you will hear some stories. In game, he has also turned some heads not with the crazy antics but with the gameplay in the raids. He has been standing out for a while to me on the pve side and I am so excited to announce that our very own Springer is the next admin for the gulf coast division. Cannot wait to work with this guy and run some more raids with him. Congrats Springer you have earned this one.

8th Aug 2017 PS4 RedGrange123
8th Aug 2017 PS4 batgrl1970
8th Aug 2017 PS4 Agent_Carter60
Congrats Springer
7th Aug 2017 xAx CoffinCheaterINC
congrats. looking forward to those events bud
7th Aug 2017 PS4 DevMacK13
This is everything great.
7th Aug 2017 PS4 Dparks3
7th Aug 2017 PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
well deserved springer congrats!!!! Oh yeah ....... about time
i <3 this title
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