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A New AIT For XB1 and one comes out of training
xAx StevieBizzle 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Aug 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Members,

Boy has there been a lot of moving parts on the XBOX side over the past few weeks however with that being said i'm proud to announce that the pieces are finally set relative to the leadership team on this side of xAllegiancex.

DeliveredMocha during his time in the AIT role has ramped up extremely quickly. He dove in head first and immediately took the lead on many things of what an Ambassador would do. It seemed like a natural role transition for Mocha to handle and when i saw this happening before my very own eyes i knew it was time to move him up to the light blue role and make it official that the XBOX side woudl now be lead by Mocha. 

As Mocha Shined in his new AIT role there was an Administrator that really was going above and beyond the call always on top of admin candidates, posting up a healthy amount of extra events and doing everything in his power to grow the xbox side as quickly as possible and get all the red xAx xbox members involved. that individual was TPaz and immediately showed Ambassador potential during the XBox's time of need. Therefore i'm happy to announce TPaz as the newest AIT of the Xbox side as Mocha ascends to his role of Ambassador

So with that being said please join me in Congratulating DeliveredMocha and TPaz both into their brand new roles! congrats guys you both thoroughly deserve it! 

8th Aug 2017 XB1 UrbanRogue2six3
Congrats to both of you! The recognition and promotions are well deserved. Being a new member I have had the honor of participating in events run by both. I can see why you are where you are! Thanks for all the help and encouragement given to this old dog playing in a young mans world! It's been a good first clan experience for me after being a solo player for what seemed like an eternity. Thanks guys keep up the good work!
7th Aug 2017 XB1 eaterofdragons
Congratz :) you guys do an awesome job. Thanks for all you have done for us on the Xbox side.
6th Aug 2017 XB1 Rob9094
Congrats guys! As an xbox player I appreciate all the work that has been put in during the recent changes. It's been a busy summer for me, but hopefully in the next week or so I will get to be more active again, and am definitely looking forward to joining more clan events and the transition into D2!
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