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xAx Xilgorn 22nd Apr
@highlander Easter weekend, Monday is still a holiday for many
PS4 highlander-tw 22nd Apr
Whats with the clan only 4 events up was a time when there would be 20
PS4 Agentshadowolf 21st Apr
hey guys
PS4 Fufu_Butta 18th Apr
Hey, can i get a re-invite to a west coast ps4 clan
PS4 Suk_r_Punch1 18th Apr
xAx Tchpe 18th Apr
It is for the calendar and signing up for events. Most of the communication happens on discord.
PS4 Huakai_po 18th Apr
So is this site activ
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xAllegiancex's Structure Transition into D2
xAx StevieBizzle 13 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Jul 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians,

Over the past several days the xAx Leadership team has gotten a very healthy amount of questions in reference to how the clan will be transitioning into Destiny 2 especially with all the clan rewards systems and internal clan structures D2 will have. Also with the way Bungie has structured communities on their website with each division it has made us consolidate our structure internally going into Destiny 2. Therefore its been the decided by the Operational side of the leadership team that we will have to make proper adjustments to all of our divisions within xAllegiancex. Effective Sunday August 6th 2017 xAllegiancex will be shutting down a bunch of smaller regions within our community and merging them into other ones with a healthier active community base. This will allow members to effectively achieve these up and coming Clan achievements both in D2 and if they have yet to complete specific things in D1 towards the tail end of completing trophy and other achievements. It also will allow us to smoothly transition the appropriate divisions the way bungie would like them to be transitioned on So essentially kills two birds with one stone sort of speak. Therefore i'm giving all of xAllegiancex that is impacted by these merging divisions to transition into the appropriate division by the end of the day Saturday August 5th. So please make sure to make the appropriate transition to your new division if your said division is one that is merging into another one. The reason for the timeline? Bungie has setup a deadline for divisions to have founders by a specific time frame hence the urgency for you guys to appropriately switch to your new divisions and get in there so we can setup those founders of those said divisions prior to the deadline. Once again you have until the end of the day August 5th to do this and effective August 6th 2017 those said divisions being merged into another will be dissolved.

The list of divisions being merged are below

US NA West
US Mountain Will be renamed NA West. All current members not in "US Mountain" or new name "NA West" will have to merge into that said division. Here is the link to set your new clan tags  NA West

US NA Central
Texas will remain
We will merge North and South into MidWest Division
Gulf Coast will remain and will transfer to NA East

US NA East
Change the current US Atlantic to the new NA Northeast.
All the members from previous US Northeast division and Canada East will merge into the division "NA Northeast" which is the Renamed "US Atlantic Division"  NA Northeast
New York will remain
US Southeast division will remain(edited)

All current divisions will merge into division xAx Europe

All current divisions (APAC / World / Australia) will merge into division  xAx AusAPAC

The Xbox NA West and EUAPAC will merge into the Xbox Main division.
Xbox SoEAST will merge into the Xbox NA East XB1 division  NA East XB1

Thanks guys! and as always Loyalty is Everything! 


1st Aug 2017 cutpurseboy
@ massive thanks for the link
1st Aug 2017 PS4 Mosh_Potato
I'm a bit confused, I was part of the SoCal division which clearly got dissolved as my clan is gone. Am I just moving over to CentralCal or is there another division I'm supposed to join?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
1st Aug 2017 MAHN1NJA
I'm confused. I'm in the Asia division, do I have to migrate to another division or are the others merging into mine?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
1st Aug 2017 PS4 massive-swell
@ cutpurse ... /Clan/Clan/616306 this should take you to xAx Europe
1st Aug 2017 cutpurseboy
Can't find xAx Europe on Bungie. Has the clan been created yet?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
1st Aug 2017 PS4 madkinggeorge
How and where do you change your region
Like (0) · Comments (1)
31st Jul 2017 PS4 massive-swell
So all Eng South, Eng North and xAx uk members now need to migrate to xAx Europe is that correct ?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
31st Jul 2017 PS4 Kileeath
Not sure who moved me over into the new Asia Pacific region but thanks :)
Like (0) · Comments (1)
30th Jul 2017 PS4 gtech888AU
I am finding this a confusing post. You really need to list each and every division by name and where it is merging to. "AUAPAC - All current divisions will merge into division xAx Asia Pacific". Is xAx Australia part of AUAPAC? If so then merging into xAx Asia Pacific?
Like (0) · Comments (2)
30th Jul 2017 ticklemykelmo
Double checking for clarity, PS4 US North will move to Midwest?
30th Jul 2017 xAx Archangelion1
So to clairify. If I am on XB1 and am in the Canadian NA East division I don't need to do anything?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
30th Jul 2017 PS4 Makkresh
Obligatory "South will rise again" comment lol
Like (3) · Comments (0)
30th Jul 2017 XB1 ThatOneJedi
So the US So East sub clan is staying as is?
Like (1) · Comments (2)
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