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PS4 Nauta666 8:34 AM
PS4 XStaticShotX 8:32 AM
Hi all
PS4 AyoTK 21st Mar
Need 3 for LW now
PS4 Scobro-32 21st Mar
So we have a video game submission clip forum for anyone to post your videos for entry in the clip of the month video. Please read it and submit your great clips or Epic fails here http://www.xallegiancex.c ... -clip-submission-cam
PS4 DXAshram 20th Mar
Is it possible to get an admin or ambassador to readd a friend of mine to NA West 2? PSN and xAx account is Soreido.
PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
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PS4 Hzarz_Kar 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Apr 2017
Hi all

It's with great pleasure today that I introduce the latest member of our community to join the ranks of the green team for Australia! Please give a warm welcome to sle_epy!

sle_epy has been a member with us since January, and in that time, he's been an active member of the community, and has impressed many folks with his attitude and his skill in our events. Contrary to his PSN, he's shown that he's wide awake in every event, learns quickly and just as importantly, always willing to extend a helping hand. sle_epy hails from Sydney, and is excited to start putting up events that will help fill up the Australia primetime slots, so please keep an eye out for his first events.

Oh, and he's just adopted a puppy, so if you want him on your good side, you'll know what topic to use to butter him up! 

21st Apr 2017 mrburns266
Congrats Sleepy!
20th Apr 2017 Sooner9891
keep up the good work!
20th Apr 2017 Penehoff
congrats m8t .. welcome to the green team
20th Apr 2017 xAx darkgoldenwolf
congrats and welcome to the green team.
20th Apr 2017 Sle_epy
Thanks everyone. Appreciate all your kind words. I'll try really hard not to fall asleep on the job!
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