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Updated PvE Points
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Apr 2017
Hey guys,

Now that just about all the raids at 390 have released, we have taken all the data from the events and evaluated our point system. Before the drop of any 390 raids, the leadership team decided that we would wait and evaluate the event results before we settled on the point system. Results have been evaluated and discussed.

(1)With the exception of Crota 390, all other 390 raids are now worth 2 points.

(2)Crota 390 will be worth 1 point and can only be earned if you have 99 PvE points or lower.

(3)WoTM HM (Light Level 380) will be worth 1 point. The other legacy raids will be worth no points. The reasoning for this is Light Level 380 is still very much so a relevent difficult light level for end game compared to the older legacy raids where there is a huge drop off in Light Level.

(4)We have adjusted our k/d tier system by adding another tier.
Tier 1: k/d 10 or kd/a 15 will net you your points with a raid completion.
Tier 2: k/d 15 or kd/a 20 will net you your points with a raid completion.
Tier 3: k/d 20 or kd/a 25 will net you your points with a raid completion.
Tier 4: k/d 25 or kd/a 30 will net you your points with a raid completion.

For full details on our PvE system, please see the official PvE System thread:
http://www.xallegiancex.c ... nking-30-1uc#3709053

These changes are effective now. All future events will now follow this system. Prior events points will not be adjusted.

18th Apr 2017 benji14362
the only question is how are people supposed to get there kd when you are in a newish group in atheon. There is like no adds at the end so i you wipe a few times not to your fault your kd will suffer. Was there any talk on this part. Apart from this I think its fair play and to be honest what ever you do you never going to please everyone
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