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xAx Needs Your Help!
xAx StevieBizzle 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Apr 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians,

Some Exciting news to share with everyone as Today xAllegiancex has invested in the Beginning stages of a brand new Website! You guys asked for more Mobile friendliness well ladies and gentleman you will be getting more mobile friendliness, along with a cleaner look and much more fexibility as we grow within the community.

SOARDOGG will be taking on this wonderful project and i'm looking forward to seeing the great results he comes with! 

Now with that being said this was a HUGE investment into the community along with our trip to guardian come at the end of June therefore  I NEED EVERYONES HELP! 

With ordering all the merchanidsing needed for Guardian Con to make our booth the best it can be as well as the Down Payment on the website this large investment has drained our donation bank to $0. Yes for the first time since the xAllegiancex Bank was instituted there is officially no money in the bank which means in order for me to keep a lot of our things in place i have to personally come out of pocket  so some of our systems stay in place (AotM, Region of the Month, Website Fees Etc etc) I'm honestly already about $1500 in the Red as the costs of alot of these things have super seceded whats in the bank. the community also has another $1300 to put into the brand new website that's being built.

Now i wouldnt be asking this community if it wasn't desperately needed but please if you can donate anything to the cause it would greatly be appreciated whether its very little or you would love to be generous anything can help. we have so many people within the community that i know we can rebuild the bank fairly quickly and continue to provide the best within this community. I do not want the community to be held at the mercy of whether i can afford or not specific things. 

So please Donate if you can. the donation icon is on the left hand portion if you scroll down ad look to your left their is a paypal icon visible and will walk you through the steps of your donation. You will also earn an exclusive Donation gem in your profile dependent on the amount you donate.

Thanks so much for anyone for our xAx Family that helps as we have continued huge plans for this community. We just need some help from all of you to continue to have the ball moving forward at a smooth pace! 



16th Apr 2017 xAx Xilgorn
Donation made. We are one step closer
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16th Apr 2017 DevMacK13
With 1000+ members, a small donation from everyone can go a long way
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Apr 2017 Slik_94
I'm sure everyone will be happy for the cause!
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