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PS4 Nateboss101 10:41 PM
did pvp reset?
PS4 Nateboss101 10:41 PM
PS4 dmartin1217 20th May
I’m level 10 on division 2 does anyone want to play ?
xAx xSlydrx 19th May
@doom zone PM sent
XB1 doom zone 19th May
Hi, can someone send me an invite to the Discord server? By the time I click on one of the links, it says that it has expired. :/
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Thanks Xil looks like we are ok
xAx Xilgorn 18th May
Ping me on Discord if you need a 3rd
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Yes sir
PS4 Nei-1st 18th May
@Pheonix do ya still need a hand running the Thorn Strike?
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Perhaps no one wants to persay but maybe some would be willing to give ma a hand
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Any one want to run thorn strike with me?!?
PS4 Obiwon0745 16th May
Few division2 events up on calendar for new raid later
PS4 zyberus316 15th May
cool i'm still here
XB1 doom zone 14th May
Anyone doing the Outbreak quest in Xbox?
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xAllegiancex's Ranking Systems and Explanation
xAx StevieBizzle 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Apr 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians,

Over the Past several weeks i've heard a lot of confusion about what the Systems of xAx are meant for both on the PvP side of xAllegiancex as well as the PvE side of xAx and i just wanted to take some time out of my day to explain to everyone here the philosophical thought processes as to why the systems are setup they way they are and how systems will be adjusted in the possible future based on that mindset.

xAllegiancex's PvE and PvP systems are both meant to judge and individuals skill level relative to where they stand in the game of Destiny. It's a measuring stick of sorts to provide you with information as to where you stand as a player within the game. if you are a casual player you might only get to the rank of 1st Lieutenant or possibly top out at Captain, while those with a heavier PvE skill set might reach the higher rankings of General or Admiral. It basically helps you understand where you currently are and gives you a set bar on how to reach the next level as a player. It allows the members of xAx to say, "well i would like to improve myself so what do i need to do to get there" and as they hit those plateaus they are rewarded with a rank up within the community and the specialized perks that come with that said rank

Skill vs Participation Based Systems

Over the years xAllegiancex has tried both systems within the community and the most troubling system was a participation based one. The positive's of the participation based system was it gave you a feel good rank up as you completed more and more within the community and as that continued you moved up the ranking system just by simply completing things in the community. The negative with this however was it dramatically impacted the integrity of our events. How do you say it effected it? Well simple really. One of the perks you obtain in our ranking system is First day Raid Access to brand new raids that hit the calendar and administrators trying to figure out the raid by going in blind to help understand the mechanics and the strategies prior to opening them up to the member base. why we did this was  to have our admin teams better lead these events for the xAx Community. this system allows us to separate ourselves from just a generic LFG type of community that randomly whips up events and hopes and prays for the best outcome. The participation system actually hurt this philosophy as people we're particularly ranked at the highest level of xAllegiancex however dramatically impacted completion times in order for us to release it to the entire community dramatically impacting the release times and events hitting the calendar to the public. We also ran into inexperienced raiders when xAllegiancex tried to participate in world record speed runs and to glorify the community in breaking bungie records and really helping xAllegiancex get their name out there as one of the premier Destiny Gaming communities that Bungie has to offer. essentially the participation system not only impacted several aspects of the community but also barred us for really diversifying our portfolio and helping us grow into different hardcore aspects of the game to fill every niche layer within the community from beginners, to casuals, to hardcore players. This system essentially made us appealing to beginners and casuals, but impacted the more experienced and hardcore raiders dramatically impacting our retention rates of these players

xAllegiancex Early on has also had a Skill based system. The skill based system actually was a very large and pivotal part of xAllegiancex's growth early on as back when Destiny first came out the Average Completion percentage of Vault of Glass in a LFG Group was roughly around 25-30% completion with many people leaving groups having to restart multiple times and getting frustrated overall with the LFG Experience. What was xAllegiancex's completion rate during this time? 90%. Yes you heard it correctly 90% of the time an official xAllegiancex event happened the raid was completed. Runs went smoother, beginners learned the game, they got better and better and had a foundation to enhance their skill level as a destiny player. this manifested into organic growth within the community as demand for xAllegiancex events grew like wildfire and created what we essentially have today. The positive's of a skill based system is that it provides members with a system to understand where they stand as players while also having the leadership team identify the top level talent within the community to help with light house carries, sherpa raid runs, PvP MLG Matches, and potential future admin candidates. The negative however with skill based systems is some individuals might not obtain the highest rank in xAx, or it might take them a very very long time to do so. The system isn't meant to hand out points for completions are participating in events the system is meant to reward those that have hit the tiers of that level to achieve a particular status of skill level within the community. 

With the explanation of both sides both types of system above at the end of the day xAllegiancex has decided to build their community foundation around Skill based systems. Not just because of our past histories of both systems but also because we believe it can accommodate everyone. From helping the beginners and casuals know where they need to be to take the next step as a player and how to improve themselves all together within the game. To the more experienced and hardcore players that achieve exclusive perks to help get xAx's name out there while also allowing these members to help others whether its creating new things to help people to get to the lighthouse, or identifying admins that really are experienced players to help get quality events up on the calendar and get you that clear you've been yearning for and collecting that loot you've always wanted. 

I wanted to explain this to you all today because there has definitely been some confusion relative to what the systems are meant to do and why they are implemented the way they are. We are not trying to segregate the community or have an elitist attitude and identify our strong players and ignore our casual or beginner players this system is solely meant as a way to identify skill level to help us understand those that might need more help than others, and those who can help us in a much more experienced way both by helping the members internally as well as helping the community out as a whole externally. This system is not meant to discourage you or frustrate you if you are one of those that are struggling to get points but its more to motivate you. it's to help you understand where you stand and what it will take to get to the next level. We want the skill based system to be challenging to you because we know if you get to the levels we have set you will become a better overall player and that is the whole purpose of xAllegiancex. That is our mission statement. Our mission statement is helping you in everything and anything we can relative to destiny including enhancing you as a player long term. The best way we can do this is with skill based systems within the community.

As xAllegiancex continues to grow and Mature we will always be looking for ways to enhance our systems to better measure skill systems that are both challenging and achievable. The leadership team take hours and hours sometimes days and even weeks to whip up systems to best suite what we are trying to achieve from a skill measurement perspective. We can make tweaks and its possible in the future that if we believe we have a better way to measure skill then we will change the systems accordingly However all of our changes to our systems will be under the philosophical thought processes of a skill measurement system rather than a participation based one. this is our philosophy and our philosophy is as such because we believe its whats best for our community.

I hope this News post helps clear up any confusion around the philosophy of our systems and of course any questions comments or concerns can be directed to the fellow green team to be directed to the blue team or if you would like to hit up the blue team directly that is fine as well.

Thanks Everyone and thank you all for being apart of xAllegiancex

Loyalty is Everything,

13th Apr 2017 PS4 kodabug98
ive been here little over two years and i thank you stevie for clearing this matter up and look forward to raiding with you all in the future p.s. dont raid with stevie all you will get is SHIPS hes cursed
11th Apr 2017 PS4 Stalker0021
Thanks Stevie!
I've greatly enjoyed the PvE ranking system in the 1+ year I've been in xAx. It gave me goals to shoot for and achieve when the game was getting stale, and extra motivation to join more events and participate when I otherwise would not have. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment upon finally reaching the next rank. Unfortunately I've not been able to grow in the PvP ranks as quite honestly I'm horrible @ pvp, not that I haven't tried, but more that I have yet to succeed, but one day I'll hit that elusive 1 point :-)
Anyway thanks for an awesome points system, and an even better clan/gaming family!!
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