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Vandy's TV Show Gets Extension This Week
xAx StevieBizzle 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Mar 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians

With MASS interest in Vandyman's Carry to the lighthouse show and getting on his list i have made a Marketing Executive decision to EXTEND two blocks of time for his show this weekend in reference to lighthouse carries. this week Vandy's show will air on his typical time Friday 8pm - 12am EST AS WELL AS that same time on Saturday and Sunday. we are looking to make sure we can accommodate as many people as we can and knock out this huge list this week. 

Please tune in this weekend to these special times to get involved in the carries stream

Also if you're interested in becoming a professional stream and doing Lighthouse carries i know Vand y could use some help i would be looking for the following individuals in order to be approved 

Must Hold yourself accountable to your timeslot of carries each weekend
must have a respectful ELO rating (must be approved by myself)
must be an xAllegiancex Spartan

Please contact me and we will discuss it  

thanks guys and enjoy this weekends streams by vandy! 

17th Mar 2017 PS4 Stalker0021
Ok thanks!
17th Mar 2017 bigTkilla78
@stalker0021 I believe what the elo and spartan requirement is for those who wish to help Vandy with lighthouse carries...and not for the ppl who donated for a lighthouse run...
17th Mar 2017 PS4 Stalker0021
Was there always a required ELO rating, and Spartan rank? I paid last Friday, but wasn't time for my trip. I'm a trials virgin, with I'm assuming no ELO & 0 PVP points. Does this get me booted from my spot on the waiting list?
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