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New TV Show Announced on xAllegiancexTV!
xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Mar 2017
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians! 

I'm Proud to Announce a Brand New Show Named "The Vandyman CAN Carry You to the Lighthouse" 

Every Friday Night our very own xAllegiancex Administrator Vandyman will be trying to take Viewers to the Lighthouse! there will be a "vandylist" and in order to get on that vandy list a simple donation to the xAx bank will be needed in order to obtain your spot on that list for the night. With that being said ANYONE can donate to get on the list including NON xAx Members so with 5-6 slots being filled each night during his block im sure the spots will be filling very quickly! 

to get on Vandy's list please contact thevandymancan33 and he will verify your donation then add you to his list for each show he has

Vandy's Debut episode will be TONIGHT! at 10pm EST - 2am EST standard time and you can catch this Show every Friday from 8pm est - 12am est to try to make it to the lighthouse. 

This is a fun an interactive way we're looking to kill several birds with one stone. 1st help the xAx Bank continue to grow so xAx can continue to provide our members with the best of the best right here in this awesome community, and 2nd is to create and interactive and consistent show that currently viewership flocks to on twitch when watching destiny related streams

I'm excited to see how this works out as all of you should be as this is just another feature this great community that gives you multiple options in the Destiny game

Make sure to tune in TONIGHT at 10pm est for Vandy's debut Episode and i can't wait to see you all there! hell i might even make an appearance! 

11th Mar 2017 agedwarrior1952
I am not a Trials player but this idea is excellent!
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