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PS4 Davejhill1 12:26 AM
come jump in and have some anthem fun in 8 hours
PS4 Dexprozius 22nd Feb
Challenge of Elders is the revamped prison of elders content
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Despite that incredibly detailed description, I still can’t remember what elders are. What a casual I’ve become lol
xAx Rusty_rie 22nd Feb
It’s an epic battle between really old people.... I think it include weapons like walking sticks and throwing shade at going people
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Remind me what challenge of elders is again?
xAx wheels68x 22nd Feb
3 and a half hours until a Challenge of Elders event. One seat open. Come get some D1 in your life
PS4 muskidinho04 21st Feb
Anyone want to help me finish out the forsaken campaign stuck on the dreaming City
XB1 LIOJames93 21st Feb
Anyone want to do speedruns with me? I will do strikes or raids
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
Apex Event tonight at 7pm est come join me to try the game for the first time or to continue to play an awesome BR, or just to get to know me!
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
its real simple. just hit us up and we'll give you a link
PS4 RJ_Crooks 21st Feb
Thanks Biz. I should prob figure out how to use it first
xAx StevieBizzle 20th Feb
Crooks if you want discord access just ping an ambassador I might be delayed in my responses if you wait for me
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
I must be getting old. I never understood discord
PS4 kristophmarauder 20th Feb
Everyone’s on discord.
PS4 Zarcarium 20th Feb
Most people use Discord instead.
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
Is there really nothing in the chat since Feb 17th?
PS4 rabbi10 17th Feb
C’mon, peeps, let’s get some asses in the seats for Crota tonight! You will not believe how fun that shit is! http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/83181/1
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xAllegiancex is Going to Guardian Con 2017!!!!!
xAx StevieBizzle 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Feb 2017

xAllegiancex is Going to Guardian Con 2017!!!! 

What is Guardian Con? 

What started as a fan meetup for  Destiny  streamers  King Gothalion  and  Professor Broman  in August of 2015 grew to encompass numerous Destiny content creators. The result was what fans dubbed "DestinyCon". A year later in 2016, Destiny Community Con took place again in Tampa, Florida, as a proper convention with proceeds going  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital  where the Destiny community raised over $544,000. After Destiny Community Con ended the event was rebranded as GuardianCon.

When Does it Take Place?

June 30th - July 1st 2017

Where Does it Take Place?

Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall
Tampa Bay Florida 

So What is xAllegiancex going to be doing there?

xAllegiancex has locked down a 10x10 Exhibitors Booth to do the following things at Guardian Con:

- Same Day Sign Up Booth for new xAx Recruits: This will be an area within xAx's Exhibit where if people are looking to join xAllegiancex we will walk them through our recruitment application and set them up completely right then and there! At the end of the Process we will give them "Real Life xAx Tags" which will be a customized T-Shirt for Guardian Con and will show they are now apart of xAllegiancex courtesy of our awesome sponsor SOARDOGG GFX

- Sample's Given Away From all of our Sponsors: We will be giving away Simple Jerky, and Devil Grips for FREE and if any orders are lookign to be taken we will be doing that right at our booth! 

- xAllegiancex's Destiny Trivia! With Prize Giveaways! - xAx will be asking three questions to each individual that comes to the booth of xAx. if the individual gets 3 questions right they will be entered 3 times for one of 4 giveaways taking place during the two days at guardian con! we will be giving away two professional modded controllers courtesy of CBKO Controllers and 2 Glomtoms! 

- xAllegiancex After Party! - I'm currently working on a special deal with a few Restaurant / Bars that will give us a special deal after Guardian Con! we will get free food and drink specials and it will be a nice way for all of us to get together after the convention! more details to come on the after party as we get closer to the event 

So where to stay if your coming? 

xAllegiancex Has Got you Covered as we have locked down a special deal with the Sheraton Tampa East Hotel! 

This Place is Gorgeous and from June 29th to July 1st xAx Members Only will have special rates if they are traveling to Guardian Con! 

What is that rate?

$89 a Night

What Does this Include?

Free Parking 
Free Wifi
Free Shuttle Service too and from xAx After Party and Guardian Con 2017

Thats Right $89 A NIGHT! for this beautiful place that is DIRT CHEAP!  However we only have a limited amount of rooms available so if your planning on going you will need to PM Me ASAP to setup your room!  

Here is some more pictures of where we would be staying;label=seogooglelocal-link-imagesaow-hotel-183199;utm_source=seogooglelocal;utm_medium=photo;utm_term=hotel-183199_photo-8546596

and here is their Main Website!

If you see on their website our room rates are 50% the normal rates so remember to book these special rates ASAP only 10 rooms will be available so make sure to PM Me if you would like to book these special deals.

I'm super Excited for this event as this will be the first time ever xAx will be meeting in person and will be a huge plus for our community to be at Guardian Con!

Quick Links!

To Buy Guardian Con 2017 Tickets

To Book xAx Sheraton Hotel Rooms
PM StevieBizzle

To Help with xAx Staffing during Guardian Con
PM StevieBizzle

Cheers to you all and Can't wait to meet everyone this year in Tampa Florida! The first drink you have at the After Party is on your Founder! 

Love you All,


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