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Is it Oh No? No B? or B1?
xRainMaker02x 20 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Oct 2016
Either way.... NoB has progressed through the PvP ranks at a pretty amazing rate, as he just hit Legionnaire today! On top of that he has only been in the clan 13 days!! He has shown that he can handle the pressure. He has a great attitude towards the game as well as our Clan.

OhNoB1 has been with the Xbox side for less than two weeks, but he has been in every event he can possibly get in. He built a really strong friendship with a lot of members already. I have had the pleasure of playing with him a lot and he has impressed me with not only his playing skills but his people skills. 

OhNoB1 was really excited about this opportunity and I know he will do a very good job.

Please help me welcome our newest Xbox Admin OhNoB1

1st Nov 2016 KitchenChair
31st Oct 2016 PS4 MrKilla310
Congrats brotha OhNoB1
31st Oct 2016 Bloodmaker420
congrats, welcome to the land of the crazies
31st Oct 2016 mrburns266
31st Oct 2016 PS4 Gr1mmPun1sher
congrats on the promotion hope you can only improve on your already awesome pvp skills
31st Oct 2016 XB1 SOWEN91
31st Oct 2016 Schuywardbulletz
31st Oct 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
31st Oct 2016 Brachiateplane
Congrats Ohno!
31st Oct 2016 CupCake434
Played with you a few times, kind of saw it coming, congrats buddy ;D
31st Oct 2016 H0ODOO
Thank you everyone! It's true I haven't been around long... but I don't plan on going anywhere soon! I'm looking forward to my new role in the xAx family and getting to know and play with everyone.
Like (3) · Comments (0)
31st Oct 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
30th Oct 2016 Catski
Congrats! Welcome aboard!
30th Oct 2016 ypk2909
Oh nooooooo!.... I had to do it..... Congratulations though :P
Like (1) · Comments (2)
30th Oct 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Congratz Oh No
30th Oct 2016 PS4 HotTomatoBKK
Congrats O
30th Oct 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
30th Oct 2016 Swedish5
30th Oct 2016 TheYinLoneWolf (Banned)
Like (1) · Comments (0)
30th Oct 2016 ShiftyyShot
Grats bro. I'll get them points and the legionnaire rank up later. Welcome to the green
Like (1) · Comments (0)
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