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Notice to all UK players
Rich00p (Banned) 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Oct 2016
As the nights are drawing in closer, the time is coming where the clocks go back once more. 

"Not a problem, I have auto Daylight Saving adjustment turned on" I hear you say?

Not quite I'm afraid, unfortunately due to an on going problem within the iClan platform, the auto daylight saving feature doesn't work as intended.

In order to prevent any confusion or risk receiving a strike by not attending an event because the event start time is not displaying correctly, you will need to make a manual adjustment to your timezone settings when the clocks go back this coming Sunday.

Step 1
Go to My Centre > Edit Profile

Step 2

Uncheck the Auto Daylight Saving box

Step 3

Adjust the Timezone drop down box to GMT/UTC +0

Step 4

Scroll Down and Save Profile

This should ensure that the events you sign up for/have signed up for display the correct time relevant to your region. If in any doubt please reach out to the Administrator running the event to confirm the time and avoid any confusion.


27th Oct 2016 Wildman7744
a problem with something iClan do? ... who would have thought it?
Like (1) · Comments (0)
26th Oct 2016 Lookouts63
This goes for all European players too, the night between Saturday and Sunday you can set your time to GMT +1 again.
26th Oct 2016 mrmcox
Good info......Cheers for the heads up :)
26th Oct 2016 jaysin408
this is good to know, would hate to be showing up an hour late to my events lol
26th Oct 2016 Catski
This is also affecting players in NA as well (not sure where else). For some reason times are showing up as an hour earlier for some of us.
26th Oct 2016 P_Rigz
Much needed notice, thanks Rich.
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