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I should of just made one post
Wivik_DC 23 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Sep 2016
I like creating work for myself, but at the same time I think these individuals deserve to have their own postings to merit what they've done in the clan and having their hard work rewarded.  This member has recently moved back to Texas, so he entered my domain ^_^.  

You'll see him on the chat box asking if people need help quite often and recently he only got 2 hours of sleep because he helped someone finish their year 2 MOT at the very last minute.  Please join me in welcoming BloodMaker420 to the admin team.  

29th Sep 2016 mouldy_cheese100
Congrats Blood!
28th Sep 2016 SpiceWeasel76
Well done Blood! Welcome.
27th Sep 2016 PS4 CannyMonster
awesome job, well done.
27th Sep 2016 PS4 ErzengelCypher
Congrats Blood!
27th Sep 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Congrats Blood!
27th Sep 2016 Swedish5
Congrats, Blood! Well deserved. Been a while since we've run together but always good times!
27th Sep 2016 mrburns266
Big ups Blood! Well deserved.
27th Sep 2016 Wordell1
Congrats Blood - Well deserved!
27th Sep 2016 johnnytrek66
Congrats, m8 you will be great
27th Sep 2016 DevMacK13
Well deserved bud! congrats
27th Sep 2016 Catski
Congrats! And like sig said, don't doubt yourself we've all seen what you do for the community and how you contribute to it. Plus remember, no matter how bad it can get just ask yourself "has Catski done this?" and the answer is probably yes lol.
27th Sep 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
Congratulations Blood.
27th Sep 2016 Sig_shezza
1 Don't doubt yourself you do deserve it, if you didn't you wouldn't have it
2 congrats, welcome to chaos
27th Sep 2016 Bloodmaker420
Thank you everyone, not sure if I deserve it but will do my very best. Thanks again
27th Sep 2016 blunt_rida
Congrats blood!
27th Sep 2016 RICOH72
Congrats mate
27th Sep 2016 xRainMaker02x
ah hell!! good shit bro
27th Sep 2016 Mattywhg (Banned)
27th Sep 2016 Noonoo6899
Congrats buddy
27th Sep 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Congrats Blood, from our recent interaction/game play, I can see how this makes sense.
27th Sep 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
27th Sep 2016 Rodus_Maximus
gratz bud!
27th Sep 2016 Quien_Llama
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