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PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
PS4 carlcoolest 14th Mar
ill do thorn strike with you later today
PS4 scottycherie 14th Mar
thorn strike
PS4 DwolfDragon 12th Mar
Anyone needing to do shattered throne before i attempt to solo it?
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Down Under Grabs Another
Goobersporsche 24 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Sep 2016
Going to keep this one short and sweet which is the Aussie way!

Please join me in welcoming the newest Australian Admin to the ranks. he is an awesome all round bloke and super keen to stretch his legs in his new role. he covers off both PvE and PvP and will be an awesome addition to the Australian team.

So without anymore wordy words I would like to annouce Mouldy_Cheese100 to the Australian ranks.

Cheers Goobs

26th Sep 2016 brandad340
Congrats looking forward to some of your events
25th Sep 2016 Kevmac2795270
congrats mate , well done
25th Sep 2016 Rodus_Maximus
23rd Sep 2016 SpiceWeasel76
Nice one cheese! :) Welcome to the team
23rd Sep 2016 PS4 taztiger666
Look forward to seeing you out there
22nd Sep 2016 Bigbuie23
congrats. Very glad to see you part of the admin team.
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 Sja92
Congrats Mouldy, nice to have another one of us from down below
22nd Sep 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Nice, congratz Mouldy.
22nd Sep 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
22nd Sep 2016 Windbreaker_sume
Congratulations and welcome to the crew.
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 Swedish5
Congrats! Welcome to team green!
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
22nd Sep 2016 Catski
Congrats! Welcome to the team!
22nd Sep 2016 mrburns266
Congrats Mouldy!
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 blunt_rida
Congrats mouldy!
22nd Sep 2016 Mattywhg (Banned)
Congrats and welcome
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 tomknight_16
Congrats mate!
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Congrats man, Well done
22nd Sep 2016 P_Rigz
Congrats, and welcome to team green!
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 HotTomatoBKK
nice 1, grats mate
22nd Sep 2016 PS4 Khrounos
Congrats Mouldy!
22nd Sep 2016 Lord_Kaguin
21st Sep 2016 PS4 Nateboss101
Very nice Mouldy :) Congrats on making it to the #GreenTeam
21st Sep 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Congrats Mouldy! Looking forward to your events!
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