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Another For England South
Rich00p (Banned) 18 Comments · Likes · Like · 16th Sep 2016
This guy has made a big impression in the short time he's been with Allegiance, but time served isn't a factor when it comes to obvious candidates for an Administrator position, admins are the glue that holds our community together. Confidence, composure and a patient temperament are just important as skill and determination in my book. Having put a lot of work in to gain experience leading events I'm very pleased to announce Unstuckrug as the latest member to get green.

Well done rug, you will do a fantastic job I know it

19th Sep 2016 SpiceWeasel76
Congrats mate! Welcome to the team and the division. :) Nice one
17th Sep 2016 mrburns266
Congrats Rug!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 bishbashboff
Gratz mate
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 Sig_shezza
Congrats :P
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 blunt_rida
Like (1) · Comments (1)
17th Sep 2016 PS4 shadomatic
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 johnnytrek66
wonderful news Rug, a great addition to the team.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 UnstuckRug
Thanks all! Shout out to a group I've branded 'the usual culprits' who have supported my admin consideration, cheers guys!! Can't wait to get started now!
17th Sep 2016 P_Rigz
Congrats, and welcome to team green!
17th Sep 2016 BOTBOT1973
Fantastic to have a fellow cyrup wearer into the division.
I have a blinds mullet counterbalanced full wash expedition piece as my main rug.
Anywho,look forward to raiding with you on non windy days.
Merry Christmas.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Like (1) · Comments (0)
17th Sep 2016 Mattywhg (Banned)
Congrats mate
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 blunt_rida
Congrats man!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 RICOH72
well done Rug , much deserved mate.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 Goobersporsche
Congrats Unstuck!! Welcome to the team mate :)
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Congrats Unstuck
Like (1) · Comments (0)
16th Sep 2016 PS4 Nateboss101
Congrats Unstuckrug! Oh, and since I can... #FIRST :p
Like (2) · Comments (0)
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