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XB1 Expands to Two New Divisions!
xAx StevieBizzle 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 11th Sep 2016
Hello fellow xAx Guardians!

Safe to say since we have created xAllegiancex over on the XBOX side we have seen EXPLOSIVE growth therefore there is a need to expand our divisions within xAllegiancex over on the Xbox side! 

I'm proud to Announce TWO new divisions being added to the Xbox side of xAllegiancex 

xAllegiancex EUAPAC XB1

xAllegiancex NA East XB1

There will now be THREE divisions over on the Xbox side therefore some members might have to transfer to their new respectful divisions as i will be cleaning out the main xAllegiancex Roster for any members that have not transferred to their new division by September 19th 2016. Reason for the cleanout on this date? It's a day before ROI and i want to make sure everyone is in the correct spot as well as analytics are tidied up prior to ROI release.

Therefore if you live in Europe and or Australia and Reside on our XBOX side of xAllegiancex you will need to drop your main xAllegiancex Main Roster tags and set your Bungie Tags up to xAllegiancex EUAPAC XB1. If you belong in North America East (Any individual who has Eastern Time Zone and resides in North America) you will remove your Main xAllegiancex Tags from Bungie and transfer your tags to xAllegiancex NA East XB1. If neither of these two divisions apply to you then you will keep xAllegiancex as your tags so you simply don't have to do anything at this time. Once again everyone has until the 19th of this month to make these changes to avoid cleanouts occuring to your account and effectively being removed from the roster.

Please PM Me if you have Any questions in reference to these exciting Expansion changes as i will help with individuals who either might be confused on what to do or any other questions that might occur.

Thanks everyone and Another Exciting Announcement from the xAllegiancex Global Community! 

12th Sep 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
Makes my thoughts about going to XBox seem more realistc every day
11th Sep 2016 The Ace456
Great to see such growth on the XBONE side!
11th Sep 2016 ShiftyyShot
I quite liked having the plain xAx tag :(... stevie nooo
11th Sep 2016 ypk2909
Whoa that was quick!
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