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PS4 hottracer88 7:09 PM
anyone wanna party up for some IB alil latter or something
PS4 BlueGinTonic 6:51 PM
Lol why would you say that? Ps4 has 1k
PS4 AyoTK 6:47 PM
Nice that sounds like its fun times for PC admins
PC Deeko 5:48 PM
we have jut over a hundred members
PS4 BlueGinTonic 5:45 PM
Tomar, how many are in PC? Um.... PC Ambassador, can you answer that?
xAx SLYDER2442 5:34 PM
PS4 DevMacK13 4:39 PM
his bf suprised him with flowers
PS4 DevMacK13 4:38 PM
gta is fine
armyscout22 2:21 PM
afternoon everyone
tomar 2:18 PM
how many players ar here in PC?
PS4 A78Chec 2:17 PM
PS4 RedGrange123 1:34 PM
Gta issues?
PS4 A78Chec 1:16 PM
hey is gta4playa ok?
PS4 King_Jesse__ 10:30 AM
PS4 BlueGinTonic 8:29 AM
Party, a freaking side arm with outlaw lol
PS4 Partyfly 3:29 AM
Best gun for crucible?
PS4 KSI_Devil_Cat_7 20th Sep
Question why is virgina consider a midwest clan even though its on east coast. Notice that when i gave it to shortfuse
PS4 KSI_Devil_Cat_7 20th Sep
He put a app in
PS4 KSI_Devil_Cat_7 20th Sep
Or on website
PS4 KSI_Devil_Cat_7 20th Sep
Someome from midwest 3 watchout for shortfuse
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xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Aug 2016
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians! 

Click Here to Begin Setup of S ... your Clan on Destiny

We will begin building xAllegiancex on our Main xAllegiancex Roster Page, so the Original, the One that started it all and i believe it is fitting we would be doing the same. As we need expansions i will open up our current divisions to XBONE as we move forward so once we hit a cap on XBONE and i see analytics needing an Expansion for Europe then that will take place and we will continue to expand with that gameplan moving forward as we did on PS4

Xbox players will only have access to Xbox events on our calendar and PS4 Players will only have Access to PS4 Events. Our Leadership team is in the process in training our administrative team on how to do this so as a member you don't have to worry about a thing in terms of the calendar being cluttered as you will only see what your profile qualifies for

We will have exclusive XBONE Admins that will only put XBONE Events up in order to help build that side of the community up. We have already had several Administrators request to join the Admin team of XBONE to help the growth of the Community and i will be leading that side as we build the infrastructure up of XBONE OF xAx. The List of XBONE Admins Will be Lifted on the Front Page of the Site.

Our Applicational Process has been changed to include which console the individual is applying for so our infrastructure is already setup to accomodate new members coming in and identifying which direction they will be joining us whether it is XBONE or PS4

The Process For Existing PS4 xAx Members to Setup xAx XBOX Account

- So i have gotten a lot of messages in reference to our xAx Members that are multi console on Destiny therefore i wanted to clarify the process with all of you in reference to getting access to the XBONE Events on our website
-- What will need to happen is you will have to create a brand new Profile on this website with your Xbox Gamertag. Reason? because there will be a small percentage of you with multi console and to duplicate an xAx Member Universal Rank isn't in the Cards for the time being plus the gameplay style in XBONE is a bit different then PSN as i have seen monsters on XBONE come to PSN and being a completely different type of player, so separating the two entities is my mindset.
--- If your XBOX gamer tags are the same as your PSN then when creating your XB1 profile you would simply put a _XB1 at the end of your name. For an example Isakole has her PSN The Same as her XBox Gamertag. If kole was a member when she was creating her XB1 gamertag for her xAx profile she would Create her Username as Isakole_XB1 yet her PSN Profile would be the Normal Isakole. if your gamertag is different than your psn this is not a neccesary step

Exciting times for us so let the build Begin!

- StevieBizzle

19th Aug 2016 kylemartyn
This is awesome. With this, ROI, and private matches on the horizon, xAx is going to see some major growth. :)
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