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PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
PS4 carlcoolest 14th Mar
ill do thorn strike with you later today
PS4 scottycherie 14th Mar
thorn strike
PS4 DwolfDragon 12th Mar
Anyone needing to do shattered throne before i attempt to solo it?
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The Time is NOW to get to PvE Admiral
xAx StevieBizzle 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Aug 2016
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians,

With the New Destiny Expansion quickly approaching and many new xAx Guardians within the community i wanted to raise awareness to not only our New Raid Access Policy in the Community when it drops in late September but also wanted to highlight one of the best perks within our community on the highest PvE Rank that you can achieve! 

The Policy:

    On September 20th when the New Expansion and New Raid Releases will be Releasing First Day Raid Access to Ambassadors, Dir of Marketing, Administrators, and PvE Admirals ONLY!! Why are we doing this? Because xAllegiancex is focused on properly rolling these out to the community and the only way we can do this is by taking the lumps of successfully completing it ourselves before we can lead successful runs and open it up to the xAx Public. General this process takes anywhere from a week to two weeks at most before you start seeing actual events start popping up on the calendar that are open to all xAx members. We created this process because we do not want Official xAx events to just be "participation" events any longer but we focus on completions and successful completions at that and the only way we can have administrators lead you to success in this raid is by them successfully completing it first. We believe by the leadership team taking the lumps, bumps, and bruises of a new raid and sticking the leaders in this heavily stressful environment it prevents hostility and people at each others throats because no one essentially knows what their doing. We want to GUARANTEE that the administrator posting up this event publicly knows what they are doing and is the lead voice to help all of you successfully complete the raid once its released to our xAx Guardians. This has been a Successful process that has been installed within our community and is why the average official xAx event that is posted on the xAx calendar has a completion percentage rate of a little over 90%. We would like to continue this trend of high completion percentages moving forward into the new expansion and this process will allow us to successfully do so. 
    With this Policy in place it also allows us to effectively implement and create a fair point system associated with the raid. So when you guys go into the new raid you'll be earning points at the rightful portions of the raid where points are deserved. We do not know this process until we go through this ourselves.

By explaining this policy above you can see how valuable it is to get to that PvE Admiral rank before September 20th as you will be going through the trenches with our fellow leaders of this community to help successfully complete the run and have easy access to just jumping right into the run. There will be specialized events posted on the calendar that will ONLY be visible to Administrators, Ambassadors, PvE Admirals, and the director of marketing. if you want to see these VIP events when the expansion drops GET TO PVE ADMIRAL. 

We are giving you guys way advanced notice so you can grind your way up the PvE system here at xAllegiancex so when it hits you were all aware of how we planned on going into this Expansion with the new PvE content. 

Good Luck into the Grind guys and as always any questions about this policy can be redirected to the Ambassador team



7th Aug 2016 Hootenany1986
Dont worry guys, I'll just set up groups via our website chat for people who have at least 20+ heroic clears in kings fall. There has never been a raid in this game that has actually been difficult so it should be pretty easy. Just keep eyes out on reddit for strategies the first day of release. They usually have all the strats up within a few hours of a release of a new raid and we will set up some groups
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5th Aug 2016 Gazhax
How about some bonus points stevie. Raid under the hour for double points
4th Aug 2016 PS4 tlelam2497
About 60 points away. Having a hard time finding raids to participate in at 8:00 p.m. EDT.
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2nd Aug 2016 Noonoo6899
161 points to go best get a wriggle on
Like (1) · Comments (0)
2nd Aug 2016 Gazhax
90 points to go just another 23 raids to go phew
2nd Aug 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
Also when you Achieve PvE Admiral you gain Access to our VIP Discord Chanell in which Activity will be at an all time high to set up impromptu events during the expansion. so if you want all these awesome perks then get to that rank!
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