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xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 42 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Jun 2016
It is with great pleasure to introduce to you all our newest Administrater for our US West division. Please join me in congratulating KBozzie59 to the admin team. 

KBozzie has been a part of our community for a couple of months now. From helping out members with story missions, responding to others in chat box, or jumping in on a raid, Ozzie has definitely made an impact. It was no surprised when he received an overwhelming amount of support and recommendations for admin nomination. 

I am very much looking forward to Ozzies new leadership role and I am personally excited for his events on the calendar.

Congrats Ozzie. Welcome to the team. 

27th Jun 2016 CylustheVirus
I totally saw this coming. Grats KB!
27th Jun 2016 Zuez_God_of_Fate
Congrats man!
22nd Jun 2016 SpiceWeasel76
Congrats Ozzie! Welcome to the team!! You've always jumped in when needed, so this is well deserved indeed. Nice one man.
22nd Jun 2016 xmrbabadookx
much grats bozz!
21st Jun 2016 DevMacK13
Congrats dude!
20th Jun 2016 KamikazeSoldier0
20th Jun 2016 MacAllicious
Congrats KB..well deserved. Welcome to the team!
20th Jun 2016 Winkle420
20th Jun 2016 PS4 Bmwseven
KB!!!! Congrats. Well deserved and you are a great addition to the admin team.
20th Jun 2016 Catski
Congrats! Welcome to the team!
20th Jun 2016 brandad340
Congrats enjoy your admin position man you earned it
20th Jun 2016 JESTER76
Congrats Ozzie and thank you for jumping into the training raid last night
20th Jun 2016 SED-Mike68
Congrats Ozzie!
19th Jun 2016 xXTheCrowXx27
19th Jun 2016 PS4 Obiwon0745
Nice one Ozzie pal look forward to getting in your events m8
19th Jun 2016 PS4 tlelam2497
Congrats Oz
19th Jun 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
19th Jun 2016 Swedish5
Congrats. Well deserved!
19th Jun 2016 johnnytrek66
Well done man well deserved
19th Jun 2016 Npi2015
Well deserved!
19th Jun 2016 DyingBreed1879
Hell yes. Congratulations Ozzie!
19th Jun 2016 Wordell1
Congrats Ozzie!
19th Jun 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
Oh great and powerful Oz, congratulations! When is your first event?
19th Jun 2016 PS4 tomknight_16
Congrats man!
19th Jun 2016 shadowxxclone
Ozzie!!! Grats man welcome to the green side! :D
19th Jun 2016 blunt_rida
Congrats bud! Welcome to the team!
19th Jun 2016 mrburns266
Big ups Ozzie! Well deserved.
19th Jun 2016 CyberShadow143
grats Ozzie :D
19th Jun 2016 Goobersporsche
Congrats and welcome KB
19th Jun 2016 P_Rigz
Congrats Ozzie!
19th Jun 2016 Sig_shezza
Congrats Ozzie
19th Jun 2016 bishbashboff
Congrats Ozzie, well done and well deserved!
19th Jun 2016 Rich00p (Banned)
Well done Ozzie... A perfect addition to the team and a great asset i'm sure
19th Jun 2016 PS4 Denullify
Congratulations Ozzie. You deserve this, buddy.
19th Jun 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Congratulations, Ozzie! Well deserved!
19th Jun 2016 gameaddict1010
WTG Ozzie!!! Congrats man!!
19th Jun 2016 ArieS343
Congrats man!!!
19th Jun 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Well well, congrats buddy.
19th Jun 2016 PS4 Epicpancakezzz
I honestly expected this sooner than now, ozzie has been a very good help. Gratz man, well deserved
19th Jun 2016 PS4 WhoodyWhoKCMO
19th Jun 2016 xAx mcnulty0816
Congrats again man. Well deserved.
19th Jun 2016 KBOzzie59
Thank you all for the vote of confidence in moving me to the role of administrator.
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