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Change in PvE Ranking System
xAx StevieBizzle 8 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th May 2016
Hello xAllegiancex Guardians!

Long time no post i guess haha and no i'm not dead ( I guess there was some speculation about that circulating out there) and for the new members i'm not a ghostly or ghoulish figure i'm a real person! 

Haha with that being said onto a topic the leadership team has discussed over the past few weeks and thats our PvE ranking system was beginning to get out of hand. We we're beginnign to see a quicker turn to get to vice admiral to admiral from newer members in less than 30 days and the goal of the ranking system was to be a challenge to get to the higher tier and with the increased level but the same level of difficulty that was attached to 310 and 320 light level for KF NM and HM the Leadership team was unanimous in having the PvE system go through a point restructure therefore the new system is as such and effectively immediately all administrators will be posting up your points relative to the system below 

PvE points can only be awarded by completed an official xAx event. Points are earned by full raid completions.   

Vault of Glass Hard Mode - 2 Points  

VoG Normal - 1 Points  

Crotas End Hard Mode - 2 Points  

Crotas End Normal - 1 Points   

Kings Fall Hard Mode   - 4 Points  

Kings Fall Normal   - 2 Points  

Challenge of Elders- Members can earn 2 points by completing a card (from start to finish) in an official CoE events. An official CoE event consist of two groups of 3 members in one xAx CoE event.   
This system was mutually created by the brainstorming visions of the Ambassador team and i just really oversaw the process of this being created by the team and based on what they came up with (which is above) i approved it because it aligns with my vision of what i wanted out of the xAllegiancex calendar and events 

I will tell you this what i was not a fan of under the boss completion point system was i felt as if we were rewarding individuals even though we weren't fully completing runs. However with that being said at the time it was created the raid was so difficult that it was a neccesary addition to our point system. However with the increased light level cap and no changes made to the difficulty of the raids now we are seeing average hard mode runs go from an average of  3 hour completion times to about and an hour and a half per xAllegiancex completion! based on this people were doing double or triple runs and averaging 18 points under the old system on some runs which basically gave them 50% of the points they needed to achieve their next rank in one event! this is unacceptable to the integrity of our PvE system and it was nothing that anybody was doing wrong but screamed out a restructure needed to happen. Therefore we have done so after getting majority approval from the administrative team and unanimous approval from the leadership team. remember any concerns relative to change (change can be hard sometime for some individuals) can be redirected PRIVATELY to the ambassador team however i will say this. We have no plans on changing this system with the current state of where destiny is. However i will say this if Destiny and bungie decides on changing difficulty levels of the raids and we see completion times expanding past 2-3 hours again we will once again revisit the system.

Thanks again so much xAx guardians for being awesome and hopefully my time frees up soon to play with all the new faces of xAllegiancex and possibly reconnect with some old faces

Bizzle Out! 

14th May 2016 Hootenany1986
I think what eventually will come of this is certain raids groups will be avoided once people start to realize that the specific admin doesnt get clears
Like (0) · Comments (5)
12th May 2016 PS4 RedGrange123
I see the argument for making points more difficult to earn but what happens if posted raids become more restrictive to ensure a completion? Such as "10 HM clears to join." Where do new (inexperienced) clan members go to get the experience? Back to LFG?
Realize points may not be important to some, especially those who already have admiral rank, but ranking up is important to others, myself included.

Situation: spend 6.5 hours in different raids helping inexperienced clan members learn raid mechanics, but get no clears, so now earn 0 (zero) points.

Solution, earn half the raid's points if team gets to final boss but no complete. Spending 1.5 hrs on Oryx should be worth something. New clan mates are learning something plus there is some sense of advancement for all in the raid group but they will not rank up quickly if this is an issue.

Or just ignore inexperienced groups and seek only experienced groups for the clear? Not how you help new clan mates
Like (2) · Comments (2)
11th May 2016 PS4 WhoodyWhoKCMO
What happens if we don't get a completion but get the clear from an official CP event at a later time?
Like (0) · Comments (9)
11th May 2016 subfm
Sounds good, The raid is a lot eaiser now with everyone getting higher light very fast. One thing tho are we going to add another PVE level for people to aim for, Myself included I got to admiral pretty fast with the 6 point raids and points per boss, So would be awesome for another level to aim for
11th May 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Thanks for the update. I'm ok with the changes - when I achieve a rank, I would like to think that my effort is worthwhile. If I get it too easily, it naturally doesn't mean too much to me.
Like (1) · Comments (1)
11th May 2016 Gazhax
with Rux as my mentor I don't think it will slow my progression :P As for YP's coment on stevies a ghost. "Who's Stevie" :D
Like (1) · Comments (0)
10th May 2016 ypk2909
Don't listen to him! Stevie is a ghost!
Like (0) · Comments (2)
10th May 2016 PS4 DwolfDragon
is this effective from this point forward or will it affect points on the raids I ran last week that havent been awarded yet?
Like (0) · Comments (7)
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