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PS4 Nauta666 8:34 AM
PS4 XStaticShotX 8:32 AM
Hi all
PS4 AyoTK 21st Mar
Need 3 for LW now
PS4 Scobro-32 21st Mar
So we have a video game submission clip forum for anyone to post your videos for entry in the clip of the month video. Please read it and submit your great clips or Epic fails here http://www.xallegiancex.c ... -clip-submission-cam
PS4 DXAshram 20th Mar
Is it possible to get an admin or ambassador to readd a friend of mine to NA West 2? PSN and xAx account is Soreido.
PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
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The Best In The West
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 24 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Apr 2016
And our Team Keeps Growing!!

Our first promotion comes all the way from Fresno California. He has only been in the clan for 38 days and has one of the coolest names I've ever come across. Please welcome Warrior_4_Christ to the admin team! Warrior has only been with us for such a short time but has been on an absolute crusade. He is extremely helpful. Always lending a hand. He is a very knowledgable and skillful player and am excited to see him in a leadership role in our community. 

Our second promotion comes from a little state called Utah. He has been in the clan for several months now. The best part of this next promotion is his Hunter Tether game. It is always on point. He never misses. Not even when he has a clear view at the Deathsingers in the raid

 Please welcome JPAguilar01 to the admin ranks. Like I stated, JP came to our community early on in the year. I am truly glad he did. He is a wonderful person to raid with. Very patient. Very skillful. His willingness to help others is one of the many qualities we look for in an admin. 

Congrats guys. Very well earned!!  Please lookout for their events on the calendar !!

16th Apr 2016 SBDenali
Congrats Warrior!! Well deserved.
15th Apr 2016 PS4 The_Gavel
Warrior and JP are admins!!
See! Being in jail doesn't mean you can't chase your dreams!!
Congrats guys!!! See you out there!! ;)
Like (0) · Comments (1)
15th Apr 2016 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Well done guys! Congratulations
15th Apr 2016 RICOH72
Congrats both :)
15th Apr 2016 Goobersporsche
Congrats guys!!!
15th Apr 2016 Mactimba
lol - "across"
14th Apr 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Very nice, and well deserved. Congratulations fellas!
14th Apr 2016 NinjaGuru47
Congrats to both! JPzizzle Utah represent hehehe
14th Apr 2016 Wordell1
Great additions! Congrats to both of you
14th Apr 2016 CylustheVirus
Grats guys! Enjoy the fame and fortune. Or the raids, whichever. ;)
14th Apr 2016 StationFlee
Two quality dudes right there. Congo rats to both of you!
14th Apr 2016 bubbl36h05t
Congrats guys!!!! Would love to play with you guys sometime.
14th Apr 2016 Warrior_4_Christ
Thanks xAx brothers and sisters. I've had a blast since I joined and will keep that ball rolling. I will continue to help with all aspects of the game, except pvp cause I'm sorry at it. So if you're just starting up a character or need to fill a spot in a raid (@Bolt) don't hesitate to hit me up. God Bless.
14th Apr 2016 PS4 Dparks3
14th Apr 2016 Mattywhg (Banned)
Congrats both.enjoyed raiding with both of and look forward to joining some of yours
14th Apr 2016 PS4 tomknight_16
Well done guys! Welcome to the dark.... er, I mean green side!
14th Apr 2016 MrJingles_
Big Gratz guys!
14th Apr 2016 Bernie-_-Lomax
14th Apr 2016 thomson367
Woop Woop! Well done guys!
14th Apr 2016 PS4 blunt_rida
congrats to you both!!
14th Apr 2016 PS4 Swedish5
Congrats to you both!
14th Apr 2016 Korgster
Woot woot, Fresno repping!

Gratz you guys.
14th Apr 2016 MacAllicious
Congrats to you both...well deserved...I keep losing people from my raid groups! It's all good. Now I can join one of your raids :)!!
Like (2) · Comments (0)
14th Apr 2016 PS4 dnbluprints
Congratz both of you!
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