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Ambassador Meeting Recap Mar. 2016
xAx StevieBizzle 8 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Apr 2016
Hello xAx Guardians,

We have officially come out of all of our ambassador and administrator meeting and have a bunch of things to go over with you relative to ideas that have been brought to the table and approved for implementations, concerns that have been resolved relative to some situations, and so minor tweaks and changes to current processes. Therefore lets get started with announcing these results!

Minor Tweaks and Changes to Current Processes

- PvP Color Changes: We have heard the cry of the ugliness of the maximum ranked Legionnaire and have listened therefore we have revamped the color coding to all the PvP ranks with a more stylistic glow to those who achieve the ranks and some tweaks to the other ranks to make the colors feel a little more synchronized then all over the place.

Moving forward the Munifex will now have a Reddish glow to this rank while the avocati will have a Lightish Pink color to it and then the centurion will be a Formal Pink probably a bit lighter then what is shown to your left and then the Legionnaires will be a glowish Purple. These changes have already been implements so don't be surprised to see some new colors hitting the chat box and the forums!

- Strike System Tweak: We noticed a few flaws within our strike system procedures relative to our members not being able to work these off if they're strictly PvP Players. Therefore we have added a third way you can get a strike removed.

The two ways currently a strike can be removed is if its on the profile for longer than 3 months, or if you have accrued 20 PvE points consecutively without accruing a strike. The third option now is if you have attending 5 consecutive events in a row without accruing a strike that said strike will be removed off your profile.

This new way of handling this removal falls ON THE MEMBER/ADMINISTRATOR for this to be tracked. Therefore if you have a strike on your profile and are looking to work it off on the 5 consectuive event process you will need to message the administrator of the event you attended along with CCing an ambassador on the PM for the administrator to approve that you were in said event then the ambassador can add this to the strike log to hold accountability. If the member or administrator who has a said strike does not do the due dilligence of letting the leadership know you are working off a strike and follow the above process it makes it near impossible for us to track and therefore will mostl ikely not be removed in said instance if theres no "paperwork" or "trail of 5 consecutive events" to refer to. Any questions relative to this process can shot to an Ambassador for a full rundown if the above message is still confusing to ya. 

- Membership Entry Fee Removed from Upcoming PvP Tournament: [In xAllegiancex we have a ton of members, however most of those members have a tendency to lien on the PvE side of the spectrum. So in an effort to continue to increase our PvP side of things we have decided in the beginning of May to have a PvP tournament for cash prize winnings!

With that being said we have a fear that xAx is still in it's youthful stage relative to PvP interest and we are under the belief that implementing a membership fee for this upcoming tournament could hinder that said interest that is already fairly small to begin with. Therefore to attract new PvP players to the community as well as drum up more interest internally we have decided to scrap the initial gameplan of an entrant fee to this particular tournament.

With that being said FUTURE TOURNAMENTS will have an entry fee unless the same fears come up relative to community interest. Why you ask? because entry fees do several things. First xAllegiancex is looking at several avenues to improve the community ( Brand New Website, Partnership Opportunities, Advertising and Marketing community implementations) With all of the things the community is looking to do a lot of these particular gameplans cost a lot of money. Therefore even though the amount you guys see in the xAx Bank seems to be a lot for the contests we do, as well as the podcast giveaways and other nice prizes we give to our members it does not put a dent in improving certain infrastructural things to this communities home.

I'll give you guys an example. Currently we have had multiple quotes for a professional web design service to make us a brand new website. This is from scratch meaning we would have all the rights to the hosting, servers, ad space, and many many other features that currently a service like IClanWebsites controls. With that being said on average the quotes we're getting to make an investment to a brand new website is anywhere from $12,500 to as high as $25,000!!! Our community has a lot it would like to have implemented in their new site such as an interactive events calendar, a potential mobile friendly application attached to the website, discord and other application features that can be integrated to the site, twitch friendly access, a merchandise store, and much much more.

With this process it is going to cost us a lot of money and essentially when the trigger is pulled on the best possible option for this community not only will the bank (as it stands currently) be completely drained down to zero, but i will also be investing thousands of dollars of my own money to get this to happen. With that being said we need our internal events to start taking care of themselves. for nominal entry fees to be attached to these events it helps us not pull from the well of our bank and also allows those entry fees to take care of the cash prizes that can be given away! Say we have 32 members join a tournament at a $10 membership fee thats $320 that can be given in prize giveaways within that tournament as opposed to us pulling from the well that chunk of change.

I tell you this guys because moving forward the plan is for tournaments in xAllegiancex to have a nominal entry fee attached to them. We're giving this one a free entry this time around but i want members to mentally prepare for future events to have a membership fee attached to them for the reasons stated above. Remember any direct concerns relative to this can be addressed privately to the administrative and or ambassador team however the leadership team is fully on board with the future of membership entry fees to tournaments and that's the direction we will be going for the next tournaments that arrive on the door step of xAllegiancex and are created. I tell you guys this now so you're not blindsided by it in the future. 

-Non Destiny Gaming Changes to Administrator Requirements: Based on the numbers we saw for march our original fears of non destiny games taking over the calendar has essentially been answered by a resounding NO! and honestly guys the numbers we're way lower then we though they would be. out of over 500+ Official xAllegiancex events that hit the calendar last month less then 10% we're non destiny events plus the clip of cancellation rates on these events we're over 33% while our destiny events only cancelled about 10-12% of the time.

Therefore for our administrators we have decided to lift the restrictions we put forth on them in the past. Before administrators could only put a maximum of 1 non destiny event for every 2 official destiny events they were required to put on the calendar. Now how it will work is once the xAx administrators are done with their 2 Official xAx destiny events (open slot events between 4-6 open slots for players) they will have the luxury of posting a non destiny event on the calendar. We believe the numbers will slightly increase from seeing non destiny events but won't even dent the integrity of our destiny events.

I mean currently if we're seeing an 8% non destiny event ratio to actual events hit per month on that calendar and if it increases to 15% which is essentially doubling the output your still seeging over 500 destiny events hit the calendar. We believe our activity of events is so great we can remove this barrier to administrators and possibly drum up a tiny bit more diversity within our calendar and have these options to our community members. The administrators will be directly informed relative to these changes by their respected ambassadors of their regions however i tell the membership base this because its a plus for you guys! More diversity means more ways to play different games with your clan mates! So pretty cool stuff! 

-Non Destiny Gaming Events Playlist Restrictions Removed: As stated above in an effort to continue to diversify xAllegiancex's portfolio we looked into the whole "Non gaming Playlist" idea and dissected it from last month. All in All we had a lot of game not even touched however when discussing removing it from the playlist we asked ourselves why? does this hurt the community if we remove it? The answer is it doesn't therefore we will still have an approved playlists for games to go on the calendar however they won't be limited to only 5 game each month as now it will be a running list of games we believe our fireteam friendly to support 5-8 players in each party to play with as many people as possible and also continuing that whole diversification of xAllegiancex idea.

All games looking to be put on the list will need to be Approved by an Ambassador first, but there will be no restrictions to a max of 5 then removal of said games. AT THE SAME TIME we will be looking at cancellation rates for specific games, therefore if we see a ton of events going up for one particular game and they continued to be cancelled time and time again and the cancellation rate is extremely high it could be subject to removal off the playlist just for the sheer fact of not gunking up the calendar for non interested events going up there.

Things to Look Forward to Coming to xAllegiancex!

PvP Tournament: Coming in May! Details of Tournamet coming soon stay tuned!

PvP Sweaties Ladder: DrNDM is working on coding of creating a ladder that looks like this for an internal sweaties ladder for xAx! More details to come as the ladder is built! here is an exampel of how it could look!  Ladder System

Non Destiny Event Tournaments Coming!: Rocket League Tournament?, Division Dark Zone Tournament?, etc etc. xAllegiancex is opening up to these happening so be prepared they could be coming soon! 

Internal Clan Stat Tracker and New PvP Awards coming! 

Hopefully you guys are excited to see what all came out of the ambassador meeting. It was a long one but at the end of the day we're extremely satisfied with the outcome of everything that was discussed and implemented and or changed! hopefully all of our xAx Guardians are just as excited as we are! 

At the end of the day we will never give up to try and continue to improve this community. We all as a team want to make this the biggest and the best Destiny and Gaming community out there. We will continue to work as hard as we can to get there and these changes above are just another step forward into the future

Loyalty is Everything
Founder of xAllegiancex 

3rd May 2016 PS4 edimus17
I am new to the clan (joined yesterday). I am looking around the site and am impressed with the amount of work and thought that is going into it.
11th Apr 2016 PS4 The_Gavel
Awesome Update, thanks for taking the time to download it to us.

However, I noticed there was no mention of Laser Cats...
10th Apr 2016 PS4 Hzarz_Kar
Wow, that's a lot of work and discussion there. Kudos for the dedication to the community.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
10th Apr 2016 PS4 mrkaleeb
Looks awesome stevie, I'm excited for the changes!
10th Apr 2016 PS4 Suk_r_Punch1
Mr.Bizzle ,
Thank you for the update,and your ongoing pursuit to keep xAx alive and evolving into something good and wonderful. Keep up the good work Mr. Bizzle.
10th Apr 2016 OopsHeDidIt
I would really like to see more Rocket League and The Division Posted. I know when the announcement was made that they could post the Events. There still has not been a lot of posting for the secondary games.
10th Apr 2016 DrNDM
Super excited about the push in the PvP side - I just need to get better at shooting other guardians now!!
10th Apr 2016 Gazhax
Now were talking, I may even venture into a wee tournament for the fun of it, give some pro's a target. Maybe one day we will get a PvP novice tournament lol. Nice one stevie, Some really cool stuff to look forward too.
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