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Addition to the PvP Ranking System
xAx StevieBizzle 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Mar 2016
Hello xAx Guardians,

Coming out of the end of the month ambassador meeting we all agreed an increase in PvP Content would be important to the community and one of the things we looked at was an addition to our PvP Ranking system to enhance the PvP Experience.

So we Looked at Trials of Osiris. One of the most competitive Arenas in Destiny and realized that mabe the measurement of K/D wasn't the greatest way of measuring that arena relative to our points structure. Therefore we have decided to give you the option on how to accrue PvP Points in an "Official" Trials Event on the Calendar meaning there was more than 4 signups that hit the event. The options are these. You can either accrue points our standard way by K/D by the end of each match where a yellow circle or red circle is filled whatever your K/D is after that match or you now have the option to take 4 points by a successful completion of a 7 win card or if a lighthouse run is successfully done that said member will earn 6 points. now you have to pick the options between the two. If you pick the 7 or 9 win card point method your K/D wont be tracked but if  you decide to go the K/D tracking method your 7 or 9 win card success will not be tracked for PvP points.

So now you guys have options when entering an official Trials run! Choose wisely and looking forward to seeing more trials events hit the calendar! 

11th May 2016 warfieldred
noob question here, searched but couldn't find a clarification -- how do scheduled ToO events work? as I understand it, you need 4 for it to be official, but the fireteam is capped to three, so it seems like one fella is odd man out.

also, are there any opportunity to earn clan points in 3s? I vastly prefer the structure of the gameplay in 3s to the anarchy of 6s, though I understand 3s are less inclusive than 6s
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1st Apr 2016 Dilbobaggings
I would love to do trials with the clan
27th Mar 2016 Reeseshortcake
Trials for life. Cool option. Lighthouse rides here we come.
27th Mar 2016 thomson367
I'm gonna go with the K/D option since i can get a decent K/D but i struggle to get to the 7/9 wins
27th Mar 2016 PS4 HARMLESSkittycat
any word on the cap? :0
26th Mar 2016 PS4 The_Gavel
This will draw more people to these events! People like me who have been mainly PvE, who are glad that zero was where you stopped, and you can't go into negative points. Awesome!
26th Mar 2016 Arch075
This sounds awesome. I feel like having options to get points will draw more people towards these events. Looking forward to this!
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