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Special Member Spotlight "Suk_r_Punch1"
xAx StevieBizzle 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Mar 2016
Hello xAx Guardians,

Over the past month we have seen an extremely large uptick in donations to the xAx Donation Bank and honestly to all that have donated to our bank i truly and utterly thank you. We don't ask for donations, this just comes from the generosity and kindness of xAx members hearts. Anytime i see a donation come through it puts a smile on my face to see we have so many individuals that do this for the success of the community.

However one person in particular has really stood out from a financial generosity perspective. A Person i'm truly speechless of what he could offer to this community that many of us typically can't afford. Someone who deserves the recognition REGARDLESS of whether he thinks he deserves it or not.

Over the past month Suk_r_Punch has donated $2,000 dollars to this community 2K! Thats a huge amount of money to this community. it has allowed us to get more aggressive in discussions with owning servers for our future xAx website, it has allowed us to offer more to the community via contest, it has allowed us to continue the ball rolling where finances created hurdles especially with most recently looking into a new website home and trying to build something from the ground up.

Now will finances always be a hurdle in this community. Of course its part of the type of community we're building here, but i never expect you guys to donate the type of money all of you do and especially someone to the tier that Suk has.

I wanted to send out a community spotlight on this blessing of a person that has somehow found our community. emotionally i would like to send my deepest gratitude because i'm not quite sure what to say to this individual? i'm not quite sure how to thank someone for being so generous?i'm speechless on how kind of a heart you have and i know spotlighting you is one gift i CAN give

So from the bottom of my heart, and the Communities heart we thank you. 

You Truly are a blessing to xAx

Founder of xAllegiancex

17th Mar 2016 MrJingles_
Awesome spotlight! Suk R Punch is a great guy. Really enjoyed raiding with him!
16th Mar 2016 Korgster
Suk_r_Punch1 you go dude! Thanks brotha! As a side note, what do you do for a living, bc I am definitely in the wrong profession LOL
Like (2) · Comments (2)
16th Mar 2016 PS4 Suk_r_Punch1
Mr. Bizzle,
Thank you for your kind words good sir. Im sorry my donating has left you speechless and emotional, that was never my intent, all I wanted to do is give to your Idea that took off over a year ago, and has made a wonderful home for most of us in the gaming world. A place where retirees, and Fathers, and Grandparents can be on an even playing field with the younger crowd and help bring us all together to, either vent, laugh, complain, and even the occasional banter. However all in all I should be thanking you! :)
Like (21) · Comments (2)
15th Mar 2016 NinjaGuru47
Great post Stevie. Well deserved spotlight! thanks suk_R, talk to you on the raids
Like (1) · Comments (1)
15th Mar 2016 Goobersporsche
Amen Stevie!
A lot of us would be lost in the gaming world without this community and not only is Suk super generous he is also a top person. So thanks Suk and see you around mate :)
Like (3) · Comments (0)
15th Mar 2016 PS4 The_Gavel
Suk_R, I'll say it again, what you did was super awesome! I'm glad you got a bit of spotlight so everyone knows how generous you have been, even though we know you did it with no desire of receiving special notice. Thank you to everyone who donates, and a special thank you to you Suk_R, you really went above and beyond and opened the door to a lot of possibilities. Hope to see you out there mate!!
Like (3) · Comments (0)
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