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From the Founder to xAllegiancex, Thank You.
xAx StevieBizzle 10 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Mar 2016

Hello xAx Guardians,

I Didn't get a chance yesterday to really reach out to the entire community and say thank you for this amazing accomplishment because of how busy the leadership team became, however i'm here in this news post today to do so.

In September of 2014 when I first started this community i had dreams of what this community could be. a 24/7 active platform for Destiny guardians to play at anytime of the day and to join events whenever they could that were lead by helpful and talented individuals that could get you to complete those said events you joined in a successful manner. I also wanted to build a community where i could gain friendships and social connections that would last forever. With 4 members (2 of them being friends of mine and 1 i recruited in the tower as my first recruit) we started this journey. Now a year and half later, with over 900 members and 80+ events going up on the calendar per week we're finally getting spotlighted for the hard work and dedication that every single member of this community has put in to drive the same vision that i had when i first started what we have today.

Two days ago when cozmo reached out to me i honestly was taken back and almost thought that it was a joke, But it wasn't and he announced to me we would be the highlighted clan on Bungie.net for the upcoming week. I was floored, emotional, excited, happy, and felt accomplished all rolled into one emotion. One of our first major accomplishments from a notoriety standpoint has been achieved. I always thought we lacked notoriety for the hard work the community put in and honestly it irritated the crap out of me! I wanted to give back to the community the respect and recognition from the overall destiny community that we truly deserved. I wanted individuals when they are on the game of destiny to say "Wow thats xAllegiancex" or "Hey we're playing against xAllegiancex" just like the type of notoriety Dads of Destiny gets. A household brand named community in the destiny world was what i strived for. Well ladies and gentlemen with this spotlight on us that bungie has gracefully given us we have made it and there is only one thing for me to say to all of you


Without all of you this wouldn't be possible, without my amazing leadership team Zod Kole Brad and our newest guy Chunky this great recognition wouldn't have come to light! without great administrators like stuckntime, d2dbx, ypk, subfm, wordell, korgster, crazy, and so many many more of our admins (sorry i couldn't name you all ) this wouldn't be possible. to every single active member out there that helps your brothers that stand side by side with you with those xAx tags this wouldn't be possible. to everyone here at xAllegiancex i thank you.

A Huge Week for this community and i can only say that i'm overwhelmed with emotion because of the great community WE have built. I'm overwhelmed with the love and tenacity that this community has. I love that you guys don't just say our motto "Loyalty is Everything" you live it. This leadership team will not stop until we our the best Gaming community out there because honestly that's what our members deserve, the best. 

Loyalty is Everything and Proud Founder of this Great Family

Founder of xAllegiancex 

6th Mar 2016 Korgster
YeeeeeAaaah buddy!
5th Mar 2016 TheMajorRuin
Thankyou for letting me join, today after 3 months away from destiny i defeated Oryx with all new clan members, awesome clan
5th Mar 2016 OneTonPete
No thank you stevie. This community is awesome because of you.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
5th Mar 2016 Goobersporsche
Stevie thanks for ever giving up on your dream and passing that passion and enthusiasm down to others. Thank you for staying true to what you believed this community should be. I can say I have found my home and am a xAx lifer! And as long as we keep that same passsion and idea that you have there is no end to what xAx can be.
5th Mar 2016 Wordell1
Congratulations Stevie, we should all feel proud of the community we have built and you should be most proud because your vision was our creation and still guides us every day. I know we will have a great future.
5th Mar 2016 Chris24757700
Stevie and every single person in the clan thank you for the epic journey so far its been awesome.... Loved every minute
5th Mar 2016 PS4 DRPT
Thanks for paving the way for the rise of Lord Chunky.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
5th Mar 2016 PS4 massmurder101
Ive been a member of half a dozen clans on destiny. This is by far the best. F the haters. Destiny is fun again. Thanks so much for that
Like (2) · Comments (0)
5th Mar 2016 Noonoo6899
Thank you stevie for creating such a amazing community much love for everyone involved
5th Mar 2016 D2dbx
Stevie, I remember when xallegiancex was 43 members and I read your description for xallegiancex, I remember thinking man I gotta get in this lol. When I became the 44th member and realizing how active this clan is and not letting destiny die for me. I feel proud to be able to experience and watch xallegiancex growth from using bungee app to set up our events to getting our website 3 months later after I joined. THANK YOU STEVIE for creating this community , without xallegiancex I wouldn't have met some great lifetime friends such as ruxomar,stuckntime and logos just to name a few. hopefully xallegiancex continues to grow and to continue to meet new great friends.
Like (3) · Comments (0)
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