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xAllegiancex US Northeast Expands!
xAx StevieBizzle 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Mar 2016
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians!

With the MASS influx of members coming into the community i was looking over the numbers and xAllegiancex is once again in need of an expansion to one of their divisions! Therefore i have broken off the Northeast into a New Division called xAllegiancex US Atlantic

Bungie Division Link of xAllegiancex US Atlantic : https://www.bungie.net/en ... /Playstation/1481721

as you can see the map above the Atlantic will consist of the orange states labeled the Mid Atlantic. 

So Effective Immediately i need EVERY xAx Member residing in these states to set this new division as there PS Clan along with all Administrators from these areas to make the transfer over 

With the Flood of new recruits we need this done As Soon as Possible so as soon as this message is seen please take the appropriate steps, if you do not you could be subject to a cleanout of the northeast division because you no longer belong based on the geography

Exciting times as xAllegiancex continues to grow as we release our 16th Division on our community

Congrats xAx! 

5th Mar 2016 PS4 thegreedyturtle
Mid-Atlantic or Atlantic?
5th Mar 2016 XB1 Tulweyen
I liked the Middle East better. :)
5th Mar 2016 Gazhax
Things can only get better, all we need now is xAx Scotland :D
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