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Is There a Doctor In the House?
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 23 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Feb 2016
No this isn't an emergency. However, I do have some fantastic news. 

Please join me in congratulating DRPT (aka DOC) to the ranks of admin!!! Doc will be representing the NA West Division. 

Doc has been a member of this community for a couple of months now. Do not be fooled by his quiet demeanor. He is extremely helpful, friendly and always willing to lend a hand. He is also extremely excited to start making some of the events on our calendar exciting. Cannot wait to see what he comes up with. Make sure you check out his events. 

Congrats Doc, you deserve it. 

22nd Feb 2016 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Well done Sir, Well done
17th Feb 2016 idyama
15th Feb 2016 NinjaGuru47
Congrats DRpT!!!! Let's keep on raiding
13th Feb 2016 TrickySticky559
DOCTOR...WHO?! < / whovianref >
13th Feb 2016 Zuez_God_of_Fate
Congrats man
13th Feb 2016 CommiePig
13th Feb 2016 PS4 thegreedyturtle
His quiet demeanor fooled me! Bastid!
13th Feb 2016 Goobersporsche
13th Feb 2016 RICOH72
Congrats mate
13th Feb 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
Congrats man well deserved
13th Feb 2016 PopeVader305
congrats Doc
13th Feb 2016 xz__WOLF__zx
Gratz Doc
12th Feb 2016 Korgster
Congratz buddy!
12th Feb 2016 Mayor_ofDebonair
12th Feb 2016 MacAllicious
Congrats D.O.C.!
12th Feb 2016 PS4 SodeXL
Grats Doc!
12th Feb 2016 PS4 dnbluprints
Gratz Doc!
12th Feb 2016 Catski
12th Feb 2016 PS4 tomknight_16
Congrats man!
12th Feb 2016 ChunkyBabyGravy
I saw DRPT in green and it took me a second. Congrats Doc! Now I get to join your raids!
Like (0) · Comments (1)
12th Feb 2016 PS4 DRPT
I have a few ideas thanks to the discussion last month. Will focus pushing people out of comfort zones and exploring new strategies.
12th Feb 2016 HennaC_reaper21
Congrats Doc
12th Feb 2016 Maese125
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