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SR II Tournament Rules Finalized and Some Updates
xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Jan 2016
Hellow Fellow xAx Guardians!

Well our Administrator and Ambassador Meetings have Concluded and the Rules have been Finalized and set in stone! So Lets Jump into the Approved Finalized Rules! 

 Crota Normal and Hard  
-              Shortcut of Abyss Not Allowed Need to hit the entire abyss  
-              Bridge has to be built to cross it   
-              No Soloing the Abyss (Discussed)  
-              No Cheesing of the Bridge  
-              No Cheesing the Death Singer  

VoG Normal and Hard
-              No sparrowing through the door not yet open  
-              No full fireteam wiping strategies or going to orbit on purpose   
King Fall Normal and Hard  
-              No going to orbit and coming back to advance to new places of the raid and force it through  
-              Touch of malice cheese to skip cellar puzzle to advance to golgoroth beginning  
-              All 6 members have to complete the jumping puzzle  before forc e through happens  
-              No cheesing the totems   
-              No wiping to switch torn jumper in daughters  

With that Being said i would also like to clear up how the tournament will be setup relative to matchups. So i wanted to give you guys a visual aid relative to the setup of the seedings of the tournament and how matchups will be setup

You guys can ignore the loser bracket for thirdp lace as we will not have thath owever this bracket is layed out like ours will be and the bye weeks will be placed on the lowest seeds within the bracket shown above. Obviously the top seed will get the best advantage to make it to the finals based on the qualifying round and the lowest seeds will have the toughest road so the qualifying round will be pivotal in teams success relative the tournament which will happen a week before the tournament begins

Again Qualifying round for the tournament for teams will be January 25th - January 31st and just a heads up THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR EXTENSIONS THROUGHOUT THE TOURNAMENT so make sure your team is nice and tight relative to not only skill level but also availability. 

Any Questions Comments can be Posted Below

Any Concerns can be PMed to the Ambassador team

Thanks Guys,


10th Jan 2016 ABowlOfMike
I would like to know when the tournament starts and when it ends
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