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xAx Tchpe 5:16 PM
Turn them in?
Anthrax032 3:44 PM
I've completed eight bounties for the spider, but all of them still show incomplete. Will someone tell me how to get credi for bounties?
xAx Xilgorn 2:55 PM
@noisy Place an order for an event in the Events Request. If an admin is avail, they will contact you.
PS4 Noisy_boy-20619 1:15 PM
If anyone is on this weekend, I could use help with zero hour. I suck ass lol
PS4 DRO_zdz-U 18th Jun
It would be nice to see more events on the calendar.
xAx darkgoldenwolf 17th Jun
@bluegintonic dont forget there is a request thread both here and on the clan discord that would get your request out to more admins and give you a better chance of getting it filled.
PS4 VinTheDean 17th Jun
@hottracer88 Link sent in a PM
PS4 BlueGinTonic 17th Jun
Can I get 2 or Back to back COS events. For tonight. Starting around 9pm - if an admin (psst VintheDean) or any Admin picks. Msg me on psn. Thx in advance.
PS4 hottracer88 17th Jun
can I get a invite to the discord channel
xAx Xilgorn 16th Jun
@Boom Link sent in a PM
XB1 BoomGoDynam1te 16th Jun
could I get an invite to the discord please
xAx Xilgorn 16th Jun
@transormer, @hazmat. Link sent in a PM
Anyone able to give me discord link?
PS4 transformersyo 15th Jun
could I get an invite to the discord please
Never mind lol. I’m at work today but thank you all again for adding me! Look forward to joining up and gaming with everyone!
Thank you very much! Trying to get my name changed to my XB1 name on here.
xAx Xilgorn 14th Jun
@HAZMAT, I have just approved your application
xAx Tchpe 14th Jun
I didn’t get yours, so, I sent you one.
Or at least I thought I did lol
Sent you a PM
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Official Speed Raid Run Rules and Record Resets
xAx StevieBizzle 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Jan 2016
Hello fellow xAx Guardians! 

With The Speed Raid Run Tournament Approaching there has been a little bit of an influx of Speed Raid runs on the calendar as well as inquiries on setting official times as well as rules of doing so therefore i have created some credentials relative to these Speed raid runs moving forward

Here our the new rules when it comes to trying to set an official xAllegiancex Raid Speed run for the community

- An official Speed Run record can only be set up as an official event on the calendar by an administrator as an official event. No non official events will be recorded

- Must be broadcasted on xAllegianceTVx then highlighted on xAxTV if record is set (PM and Ambassador for them to highlight run)

- Have a Max of Three Attempts in the official run to set your time, Once your three attempts is up the Official Speed Raid Run is finished. We will take the Best time of the three times set during that run if record is set. 

- A Final ok is needed from an Ambassador in order for the record to be set. if ok is met your record that was set in official run is approved

The Following things are not allowed in Official Speed Runs. If any of these are done during the speed run your time will be voided and not accepted

 Crota Normal and Hard
-            Shortcut of Abyss Not Allowed Need to hit the entire abyss
-            Bridge has to be built to cross it 
-            No Soloing the Abyss (Discussed)
-            No Cheesing of the Bridge
-            No Cheesing the Death Singer

VoG Normal and Hard
-            No sparrowing through the door not yet open
-            No full fireteam wiping strategies or going to orbit on purpose 
King Fall Normal and Hard
-            No going to orbit and coming back to advance to new places of the raid and force it through
-            Touch of malice cheese to skip cellar puzzle to advance to golgoroth beginning
-            All 6 members have to complete the jumping puzzle  before forc e through happens
-            No cheesing the totems 
-            No wiping to switch torn jumper in daughters

Now with this structure on runs now being implemented and the current records having no structure to the times being set i have decided to reset ALL xAllegiancex SPEED RAID RUN RECORDS! yes you heard it i'm resetting all of them. this might come at the displeasure of some of you who have set some records however i'm wiping slate clean and i'm sure you can set the times just as quick with the rules implemented as i want all speed raid run records to be played on the same ball field sort of speak to create fairness when these are set then when people are attempting to defeat these runs

So effective immediately all runs have been set to 0 and are waiting for you to set the times for the community so im going to be excited to see all of you hammering hard to set community records!

have fun with this guys and lets set some impressive times for this community that we can all be proud of! 

- Bizzle 

12th Jan 2016 Gazhax
Wouldn't it also be good if there were regional records aswell, just as there are world records there are also records for that country so why not also have reginal Records to go for aswell. It would open up something else to achieve while raiding :)
11th Jan 2016 PS4 DRPT
Is there a "judge" for the runs who is not part of a team? Impartial observer? That way questions can be asked without strats being revealed?
Like (0) · Comments (3)
9th Jan 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
The ambassadors will be coordinating timeframes for speed raid run tournament scheduling to make sure that doesn't happen. Those questions will be clearly when the finalization of all the rules come out tomorrow for the tournament. This post is just for our general speed records of the community and posting up speed runs as an official event on the calendar to set the quickest time within the community
9th Jan 2016 Korgster
How are we going to coordinate the twitch feed? There could be some conflicts in scheduling.
9th Jan 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
Picture of where I'm coming from
Like (0) · Comments (3)
9th Jan 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
As for the hall of fame it's still a work in progress however I'm pretty sure I wouldn't of glorified those times anyways because like I said I don't know how they were run, I'm not sure if sparrow glut hung occurred on our VoG records which is now illegal I'm not sure if ToM glitch was used in setting the KF time or totem glitching or anything listed above and without referencing these runs how do we know as a community these were legit runs? At the end of the day the answer is we don't so the fairest thing to do was reset all the times appropriately to enchance the experience of these runs and create a more fair and even way to not only archive our records and glorify them but also to add and diversify our official events portfolio that go up on the calendar. Hopefully this answers the mindset I had when doing this. Like I said I'm not surprised a few of few are like "damn I had the record and now I don't" no one likes things taken away from them but hopefully you have a clearer
9th Jan 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
Runs that have been set. As for stripping people's old records guys I had to do it. We have no archive of these runs, certain cheeses could of been used when obtaining these records regardless of what former record holders say we really don't know without any proof so in order to have concrete xAllegiancex records and now having black and white rules above to follow it gives a level playing field to all that try to set these runs. Resetting runs isn't to punish those who set them it's just a formality that comes with better structure. I want to glorify and expand these record holders in the community that really hasn't been done before an add incentives as we go and this is the first step in doing so. Before there was no way in doing it because these times were set with no structure. I'm sure all that set it in the past will work hard again to set xAllegiancex records in the future. Plus there might be extra things added to record holders that make trying to beat them more enticing
9th Jan 2016 xAx StevieBizzle
The no knight strategy was not listed because it's not a strategy that gives you a time advantage at all. I challenge anyone who challenges this community to try the no knight strategy with the parameters listed above to see if it's quicker because guys it isn't. We have banned things that give you a time advantage the no knight strategy does not give you a time advantage. As for what bungie does for world records we don't follow what's good for bungie we follow what we believe is fair to the individuals participating to try to set the time. We want all 6 members to feel as if they participated in the whole raid when setting this record. If you look at many of the records they really "stretch" some of the mechanics of the game at best. We're not here to break records were here to create the most fair environment to our players within this community. At the end of the day when our records our set we know we did it in the most legit way, which I believe is far greater then watching some
9th Jan 2016 Moore-tallica
How is not killing Knights considered a cheese at oryx, but not killing Knights at crota considered official strat?
Like (0) · Comments (1)
9th Jan 2016 PS4 Jacob18797
What happened to the xAx hall of fame you were talking about months ago? Seems a bit rude to strip all of these awards from people with no lasting recognition.
Like (2) · Comments (1)
9th Jan 2016 PS4 Jacob18797
Fuck. Who wants to speed run VoG and Crota with me?
Like (1) · Comments (3)
9th Jan 2016 OopsHeDidIt
I think this is the legit way to to it Stevie. Cheesing was not the way the game was not the way the Raids were meant to be played. Though they were quick ways through the Raids....

Thank You
Like (1) · Comments (0)
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