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A Very Tricky Situation
GENERAL_ZOD_O10 10 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Dec 2015
Hey guys,

You guys guessed it. Another promotion !!! (Something funny must be happening in the air)

Anyways, it is my pleasure to introduce Trickysticky559 to the admin ranks. !!!

Tricky will be representing our California Division. Tricky’s destiny journey has been an interesting one. He is a veteran year one player who started playing in Xbox. After coming to his senses, he made his way into the PS4 and into our wonderful community.

Tricky is a very knowledgeable player. He is extremely friendly and he is very excited to start putting up events on the calendar. Congratulations Tricky. Cannot wait to see your events go up and I will especially be looking forward to seeing some of those VoG events you’re planning to host.  

29th Dec 2015 northernlight23
29th Dec 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Well done Sticky
29th Dec 2015 Zuez_God_of_Fate
Congrats man!
29th Dec 2015 dabadazz
Congratulations! Let's get tricky!!!
29th Dec 2015 CommiePig
29th Dec 2015 PS4 dnbluprints
29th Dec 2015 OopsHeDidIt
Welcome and Congraz!!
29th Dec 2015 TrickySticky559
"Coming to my senses".

I'll allow it. :P
29th Dec 2015 PS4 HARMLESSkittycat
"coming to his senses" xD love it! Happy to have you tricky and Gratz on the Promotion!
Like (0) · Comments (1)
29th Dec 2015 Korgster
Gratz bud
Like (0) · Comments (2)
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