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Promotion Time
GENERAL_ZOD_O10 15 Comments · Likes · Like · 28th Dec 2015
Another promotion !! 

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming dnbluprints to the Admin ranks! 

Bluprints has been a member of this community for a few months now. He is extremely friendly, loves to help others and is extremely knowledgeable in the raids. He has all the qualities we look for in an admin and I am very excited to see his leadership in full effect in our Mountain time zone division. 

Congratulations Bluprints. You deserve it.  Cannot wait to see your event go up in the calendar. 

31st Dec 2015 NinjaGuru47
I had the pleasure to raid with Blu last night and he is great! Congrats
29th Dec 2015 CommiePig
29th Dec 2015 PS4 EvangelistMK2
Well deserved
28th Dec 2015 Sea_Bee_21
28th Dec 2015 PS4 jjjt22
Congrats Blu!!
28th Dec 2015 PS4 Snow388
gratz on the promotion
28th Dec 2015 Korgster
Gratz Bluprints. Welcome to The ranks!
28th Dec 2015 PopeVader305
congrats looking to hook up with u soon
28th Dec 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
congrats blu! well deserved buddy!
Like (2) · Comments (0)
28th Dec 2015 Catski
Congrats Blu!
28th Dec 2015 PS4 dnbluprints
Thanks guys. I hope to have some great events and add even more to your Destiny and xAx experience.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
28th Dec 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
28th Dec 2015 OopsHeDidIt
Its about time my friend!! Welcome!! If you need anything let us know.....
28th Dec 2015 HInfernalM
Yaaay congratz!!!
28th Dec 2015 ypk2909
Congratulations Blu! Well deserved!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
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