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PS4 treetop30 17th Mar
Anyone available to help me get a friend through last strike for thorn?
PS4 scottycherie 16th Mar
Got the Thorn....thanks carlcoolest for running the strike with me....that was a tough strike.
PS4 carlcoolest 14th Mar
ill do thorn strike with you later today
PS4 scottycherie 14th Mar
thorn strike
PS4 DwolfDragon 12th Mar
Anyone needing to do shattered throne before i attempt to solo it?
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Speed Run Tournament II Open for Signups!
xAx StevieBizzle 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Dec 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians! 

Welp it's that time again, TOURNAMENT TIME!

We here at xAllegiancex believe its time to spice things up for the month of january and into the new year so we have decided to institute an xAllegiancex PvE Speed Raid Run Tournament!!

The Tournament will Consist of 16 Teams in a 16 Team Tournament Bracket which will also consist of 2 Administrators per team! Those administrative teams were selected during xAllegiancex's Draft Special on 12/12.

The Teams Will be Opened up for members to join effective immediately and they will be a first come first serve signup policy relative to signing up for the appropriate teams that are available!

*****************IMPORTANT******************* Please make sure when signing up for a team YOU'RE AVAILABLE for the entire period of the tournament! If you sign up for a team and no show an official Tournament event you will Recieve Double the standard strikes of a prototypical Official event. So make sure you are 100% available when signing up for the Tournament 

The Tournament Will Begin on Monday January 4th 2016

The Schedule of The Tournament Rounds and Times for Individuals to schedule their Times are as Follows:

First Round: January 4th 2016 - January 10th 2016 ( Crotas End Hard)

Quarterfinals: January 11th 2016 - January 17th 2016 ( Vault of Glass Hard)

Semi-Finals: January 18th 2016 - January 24th 2016 ( Kings Fall Normal)

Finals: January 25th 2016 - January 31st 2016 ( Kings Fall Hard)

Tournament Structure

So how the tournament works is this, each team will face off 1 on 1 in a elimination tournament. basically what will happen is whichever team has the quicker time against their opposing foe will advance to the next round of the tournament. For an example if Myself and Koles Team Finishes with a 18 Minute time and the opposing Zod and Chaser team posts a 15 minute time in the first round than Zod and chasers team would advance into the next round of the tournament

Rules in The Tournament (Subject to Change Before Tournament Starts

- Each Team is required to stream their Official Run on xAllegiancexTV

- An Ambassador Referee must be apart of the fireteams party chat andwatching the live stream for each official event

- Teams Must not stretch the mechanics of the game in order to make their run faster (examples of illegal actions will be listed below per map and subjected to additions and removals of such rules before tournament starting)

- No showing an Official Event from your team will lead two strikes put into your profile. 

- Team Administrators can remove certain members of a team with Ambassador Approval of Removal

- Anyone attacking other teams or using bad sportsmanship to other clanmates at any point throughout the tournament could be subject to removal of community. Integrity is important to our community and individuals attacking others will not be tolerated whethero n your team or on another team

Things Considered illegal on specific raid maps

Vault of Glass Hard

Using a Sparrow to get through the opening door on Vault of Glass while the door is not opened up. You must wait for the door to open before going through it

Wiping to get on top off the map and snipe the oracles at the templar portion of the run

Leaving the fireteam to skip the jumping puzzle. All 6 members must complete the jumping puzzle successfully to move the raid forward

Crotas End Hard

Cheesing the Bridge is not allowed (using warlocks to self rez to trigger the ogres)

Kings Fall Normal

Triggering a force advance by people leaving the fireteam is not allowed on the jumping puzzle or any portion of the raid 

Kings Fall Hard

Triggering a Force advance by people leaving the fireteam is not allowed in any portion of the raid

No Knight strategy on Oryx is not allowed



Each person of the winning team will earn a $60 PSN Store Credit for whatever purchase they choose. 

Any questions can be asked below guys and the rules will not be finalized until the end of the administrator and ambassador meetings in the first week of January so nows the time to bring up any other portion of illegalities of any portion of the raids and or disagreements of current illegalities. 

Finally guys i want everyone to have a good time with this! We're a community at the end of the day and as i stated above i expect our integrity to be as strong as ever even though this is a competition this is also a community of brothers and clanmates. So lets make sure we keep are integrity at the highest of xAllegiancex Standings


Loyalty is Everything,

Founder of xAllegiancex

14th Dec 2015 M_U_F_C_87
Do we have to stick to our own regions due to time difference or would you agree a time best for everyone
Like (0) · Comments (2)
13th Dec 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
Interesting to see what's allowed and what isn't. It's very different to last time.
13th Dec 2015 PS4 mrkaleeb
Like (0) · Comments (1)
13th Dec 2015 Ghost_2013Elite
I do agree with evangelist as well. Either way Should be fun guys. I'm stoked.
13th Dec 2015 PS4 EvangelistMK2
Can't wait! Also, personal believer that using the balcony strat on Oryx should be a no-go but I understand the reasons for not disallowing it.
Like (0) · Comments (2)
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